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22Fun Review

The prominence of black adds a professional touch to the website's overall feel. We wished the contrast between images and text would be more obvious.

Everything struggles to stand out because they blend in the background without resistance.

At first glance, the casino offers a wide range of games expected to be found in an established online casino. It offers plenty of choices for picky players.

Some rare games are interesting to us because we have never seen them elsewhere.

During our review, the Promotions page is down, and no information is available. We were disappointed, but there was nothing we could do.

Once again, the standard layout we have seen many times make a return. We needed to be more impressed with the familiar sight. However, we have come to get used to it. A bit of originality helps the website to stand out.

All games are listed at the top of the page. We wished that the drop-down menu appear when the cursor hovers over the categories, but that is just us. 

Most websites would use sliding banners for advertising their bonuses and promotions, but 22FUN went down a different road. This move is unusual for us. However, the absence of advertisements is likely the cause of this unusual decision.

Game shows and schedules for upcoming football matches occupy the lower portion of the website. 

The homepage needs to project strong selling points about the casino. 22FUN failed in this regard. 

Game shows and sports betting are the key attractions of the website. Unfortunately, bonuses are often the key indicator of a casino’s play worthiness and 22FUN has nothing to offer.

Online Since: 2018
Singaporean players accepted
License: Singapore
Game Software: Evolution Gaming, JILI, WM Casino, Pragmatic Play, Sexy Baccarat, Microgaming, Asia Gaming
Support: Live Chat
Bonus: SGD900 Welcome Bonus

Fastest Payout: 25 mins
Min/Max Deposit: SGD10-500,000
Live Dealer: Yes
# of Games: 510
Download: No

Highlights of 22FUN

Low minimum deposit
Good variety of slots
Budget-friendly VIP membership requirements
Uncommon category of games
Extensive collaboration with software developers

22FUN Review Summary

We like the variety and amount of games on 22FUN because it offers a change of game selection for frequent casino-goers. People like to see something new when they shop for products and services. 

The lesser-seen games in 22FUN offer a sense of excitement because the players can try something new they have never seen before. 

We also feel that the website is not fully optimized to showcase the products and services. It withholds its offerings from being widely known. 

The homepage fell victim to this behaviour with the absence of promotion. Aside from game shows, it barely promotes other games. 

We attempted to view the advertisements, but it was unsuccessful. The section is off-limit, probably due to maintenance issues or unknown reasons. 

The account registration proceeded without problems. Deposit and withdrawal occur without issues too. 

However, the casino has no mobile version, and we think it’s probably for the best. We are not optimistic that it can do better given how bare minimum the website looks sometimes.

As a whole, the games performed in the best manner they could. We had no issues while experimenting with selected ones in the library.

22FUN Benefits

Over 500 games from leading software providers

Good variety of bonuses

Timely withdrawal of money

22FUN Drawbacks

Accept only bank transfer for deposit

No mobile app

Obscure promotions

Website could be designed better

Non-functional live chat

Company Background


Information about the casino is scarce. Still, it is surmised that the operators are of Asian origin. They are a small group of former executives of other notable casinos. 

Together their collective expertise resulted in 22FUN and chose Singapore to launch their business. The casino started humbly with live casino games, slots, and sports betting as the core of their business. 

Now it has expanded to include other games such as fishing, cockflighting, and e-sports betting. The casino attempts to raise the bar in online gambling, and we find the outcome rather lukewarm. 

The ambition is present judging by the presence of the games, but the execution is muted and too subtle. We think the appeal is there, but the casino did not fully commit to the marketing effort.

Customer Support

We attempted to communicate with the customer service team via live chat, but the service was also down. Therefore, we cannot provide accurate feedback since there is no outcome to study.

UEA8 Customer Service

Live Chat: Yes

Others: WeChat, Telegram, and WhatsApp

Language: Chinese, English, Thai

Response Time: Immediate

22FUN Welcome Bonus Deals

The promotion section is down. No information is available for evaluation. 

Other Top Online 22FUN Promotions

No information is available for review.

22FUN Casino Games Selection

We agree that 22FUN put in the effort to make the casino intriguing. They are exciting to play based on the number of developers for all game categories. Every exploration unveils something new and different to play.

Online Slots

22FUN collaborates with 21 developers for slots. That’s a whopping number of collaborations for one game alone. 

The result is admirable because it diversified the variety of games. The players benefit from this with more choices at their disposal. 

In comparison to other casinos, the similarity of games is present. Fortunately, this downside is balanced by other slots we have not seen before.

Overall, we enjoy our test run with the slots because choices spoil us. We could go on playing for hours if we did not need to continue with the rest of the review.

Recommended games below:

3 Coins
5 Fortune Stars
100 Zombies

Sports Betting

We have never seen a casino collaborate with up to 5 developers for sports betting. 22FUN shows us a big surprise. 

The standard sports betting platforms are M8BET and CMD368. These developers make a standard appearance in online casinos. 

22FUN took it further with 3SING Sports, IGK, and U8 Sports. Most developers have similar sports games. However, the frequency of matches and minimum bets are different. 

Even for the pickiest sports betting fan, we are certain that you will find something niche sports such as MMA. 

The amount of sports betting games in 22FUN is sufficient so every player can take part in any game for any season of the year. 

Recommended sports betting games at 22FUN:


Live Casino Games

Table games are treated like royalty in 22FUN. The casino collaborates with nine developers to produce them.

We see big names in the line-up, but also lesser known, such as HO Gaming and Oriental. Each developer introduces a different menu layout and variation of games. 

Table games must stay within the classics, such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. The developers chosen by 22FUN understood this, and each gave the games a small twist for their touch of character. 

Some developers have greater varieties for poker, while others have limited options but turn their attention to blackjack. 

On the surface level, the games don’t differ much, but we were pleasantly surprised upon closer inspection.

Recommended fishing games at 22FUN:

American Roulette
Bac Bo
Blackjack Party

22FUN Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There is only one method for deposit and withdrawal option.

Deposit Methods

Bank transfer

Deposit: SGD10-500,000

Average time: 10 mins

Online: Direct transfer to the casino

Withdrawal Method

Bank transfer

Deposit: SGD50-30,000

Average time: 25 mins

Online: Direct transfer to the player’s banking account

How To Sign Up at 22FUN?

You can sign up for an account on the desktop and mobile sites. However, we recommend the desktop version for better content visibility.

Visit 22FUN
Go to and click ‘Register’
Create The Account
Click ‘Register’ and enter your information, user name, password, and email account.
Play and Have Fun
Explore the casino and start playing. Good luck.

Honest Review of 22FUN

22FUN exudes a wrong impression, but there are shining moments here and there. We wanted to see more potential. 

We are pleased to see the casino's commitment to working with many famous indie developers for various games. In subsequent, it expands the game library, and the players enjoy more varieties. 

Despite the attractive games, we are not completely satisfied because some parts of the website are not accessible.

The live chat is down, which renders us unable to verify its effectiveness. We can also imagine how frustrating it becomes if the player needs immediate assistance but no help is found.

We checked the live chat feature on two separate occasions, but they are still down. 

In addition, the promotions of 22FUN are not entirely made known. This inconvenience creates unknowns and deters prospective players from registering.

The casino should understand the importance of bonuses in online gambling, and we are surprised that 22FUN leaves out this crucial information.

To be a fully functional website, 22FUN needs significant improvements.

Here is the final rundown of the casino:

What We Love

Good amount of slots

Big variety of uncommon games

Low minimum deposit

What We Don’t Love

Unknown bonuses and promotions

Live chat is unavailable

Unattractive website design

Verdict: Play 22FUN with caution

There is a lot of unknown in 22FUN. We know the available games and transaction details. 

Unfortunately, other supporting information, such as bonuses and live chat, is unavailable. It is worrying that no rectification took place during our review. 

The casino leaves this information unknown and raises more questions for players and us too. We ended our reviews with more questions unanswered, particularly about its legitimacy as an online casino operator.  

We would not strongly recommend 22FUN. The games are attractive, but we suggest playing with small bets. In the case of winnings, you can request a withdrawal to ensure the payout occurs.


Is 22FUN safe?

Yes, 22FUN is safe. We tested the withdrawal of different sums, and the process was smooth.

How do payouts work at 22FUN?

There is only one option - bank transfer. You enter the amount for withdrawal and click submit. 

What is the welcome bonus of 22FUN?

Unknown. The information is unavailable during the review.

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