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About CL88 Casino Singapore Review

CL88 is a reputable gaming platform with a catalogue of over 100 games. As an active player in the gambling Industry. 

Since inception, CL88 has been able to offer its customers high quality service. Operating in countries across Asia with a huge percentage of its audience based in the online casino in Singapore

They are very familiar with the strict laws and regulations guiding the gambling sector in that country, hence why they are a fully licensed gambling corporation.

CL88 is also committed to providing state of the art technology, swift payment processes and a wide variety of games for players to choose from.

Popular Games on CL88 Casino

Games Option #1: Live casinos

Both the offline and online casinos suit our audience perfectly. There is nobody left out. 

You get to play our live casino games like XPG, Roulette to the traditional poker, Sic Bo and a host of other games.

Games Option #2: Slot games

Just like every other gambling platform CL88 also offers a wide range of slot machine games. 

A battle into the Cowboys Gold , Wild west Gold or a run into the jungle with Monkey madness will sure make your hands sweaty after trying a few times of you hoping to get a shot at winning.

Games Option #3: Online Sportsbook

Football fans everywhere or generally anyone who has a flair for soccer or basketball will definitely not be missing anything. 

While enjoying your favourite game with friends or family, you can easily place a bet on any of your preferred games and start winning cool cash from just putting in a little effort.

Features of CL88 Casino

a. Amazing customer service

Our customer service department plays a significant role in fostering a good relationship between the platform and it's users. 

That is why a good team of representatives has been specially selected to handle all customer concerns.

b. License and regulations

The CL88 platform is fully backed up by the Singaporean government regulations. As they do not intend to breach any agreements made by the government officials.

c. Security and confidentiality

Here at CL88 customer confidentiality is key. We do not share customer personal information or passwords of any sort to the public.

d. Fair play

Integrity is one of our core values, as we do not intend to sub change or hinder any of our deserving members a chance at winning. Winning is totally free and fair.

Famous CL88 Bonus & Promotion 2022

With CL88 there are considerably a fair amount of bonuses when you sign up as a new member.

Bonus A: 100% Welcome Bonus

This offer is only exclusive to new members who sign up and register. Members must deposit funds into their account. 

After betting players can get double the winning numbers, hence increasing their chances of winning twice their deposit amount.

Before a withdrawal can be made, a players deposit and bonus balance must be rolled back three times.

Bonus B: Live Casino 100% Bonus

Only available for newly registered members. Members are allowed to claim only one product during their first time of transfer into a gaming wallet.

Bonus C: Slot Machine 100% Welcome Bonus

This is exclusively for new members who are trying out the slot machine games for the first time. 

Members are expected to sign up and quickly deposit into their gaming wallet to receive their already existing bonuses. This bonus will give players the opportunity to improve their skill on different slot machine games.

How To Download and Play At CL88 Casino?

To start using the CL88, which is one of the best online Singapore, simply visit the official website. 

Register for an account by filling the question boxes correctly and when everything has been confirmed, you are ready to start betting. 

For you to participate in bet games you would have to fund your account. 

Mobile players are not left out, because you can easily use any of your mobile devices and log into your account to play your favorite games easily from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you decide.

Payment Method of CL88 Singapore

Payment methods are usually limited but are adequately efficient. For all deposit transactions, you can easily make a bank transfer, online payment using your preferred online banking platform or a credit card transfer. 

For withdrawals, it advisable to use the bank withdrawal option, or you can use any other payment platforms for a little service charge fee.

Customer support at CL88 Casino

Customer service on this platform is top notch. You get a prompt response each time you submit a complaint on the website. These complaints will be resolved in less than 24 hours. Our customer care service agents are available 24/7.

Review Summary

CL88 is definitely worth the try, one trial and you would be convinced. If you are new player with growing interest in gambling then I'll suggest you use this platform, new players here are welcomed with loads of interesting incentives. 

Something you will not usually find on other platforms. In the forthcoming years, CL88 would gradually grow to being a household name in the gambling business.

Online Casino Singapore Banner

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