How do Singapore gamblers enjoy Sic Bo online

Sic Bo is a casino game originating from ancient Chinese history. This means that Sic Bo has been around for a long time. Slowly and steadily, it was introduced to other countries by Chinese immigrants. 

And soon, it reached Asia. To say that the people loved the game would be an understatement. Singapore, the hub of Asian casinos, warmly welcomed the simple, Asian-themed game. In fact, the simple betting rules make Sic Bo appealing to new players. 

Sic bo online

So, how do Singapore gamblers enjoy Sic Bo online? Here is how:

Top 3 Sic Bo Games in Singapore

For new online gamblers, it is best to play the Sic Bo game online free a few times to get the hang of it. Then, you can bet and play for money. Sic Bo variants are quite a few, even in Singapore. 

To give the best to every type of gambler in Singapore and international players, the top 3 Sic Bo online games are as follows:

Micrograming Sic Bo

The most famous Sic Bo online game is offered by Microgaming. It is Microgaming that brought Sic Bo to online casinos. Microgaming provides gamblers a simple Sic Bo online layout.

Microgaming sic bo online

You can make the same option of big and small bet you find in land-based casinos. The Sic Bo online variant’s bet is present on the top-left and right-hand corner, on the betting screen of the Sic Bo layout. 

The bet and chip size you can place on Sic Bo online is between 1 to 500. Plus, you have three icons of Clear, Repeat, and Roll to play the game.

NYX Interactive Sic Bo Variant

The table color changes from classic green to occasional red and sometimes to blue cloth in the NYX Interactive Sic Bo variant. This Sic Bo variant also provides the same betting options as the Microgaming variant does. 

However, in the NYX variant, the chips are located at the bottom center of the play screen. They range from 0.25 to 100, less than Microgaming. Moreover, this variant doesn’t allow the player to repeat the bets as Microgaming does. 

Another difference in this Sic Bo online variant is that it doesn’t provide an auto-play function feature. But, you can access your dice roll history here by navigating to the button on the top, right-hand corner. 

Playtech Sic Bo Variant

Among all, Playtech offers gamblers the chance to bet with the lowest chips. This ranges from 10 cents to $100 chip. In addition, this version provides the “rebet” and “clear bets” features. These features appear after you have played one hand. 

Moving to the bottom far left corner, you will find the balance button located. Whereas on the right-hand side, you will find a toolbar with multiple options. You can also enable or disable the animation of the dice rolling. 

Why is Sic Bo Popular in Singapore?

Why is Sic Bo Popular

Easy to Play 

Sic Bo online is very easy to play. Plus, the Sic Bo rules aren’t rocket science to understand. With its Asian themes and user-friendly layout, you will find the table covered in numbers. But, on the other hand, with its associated payoffs and layout resembling roulette, you might find Sic Bo online intimidating. 

However, the layout will make perfect sense when you start playing. All you have to do is select a coin and bet on a table area of your choice. You can bet once or make multiple bets. If the numbers on the three dice correspond to what you bet, you win. Otherwise, you lose. 

However, the game is relatively easy to play. 

You Can Easily Master the Game

Sic Bo online highly depends on chance. The roll of dice is entirely a random event. The Sic Bo online software works on RNG (Random Number Generator) to determine the outcome of the wagers. 

However, some proven strategies can help you win and benefit in the long run. These strategies include betting on options you understand properly, using a disciplined bankroll system, and a double bet system. 

Available in Land-Based and Online

Sic Bo is a popular game that almost every casino offers. You can play Sic Bo online or on a land-based casino. You can take this full-winning advantage within the comfort of your home. Most online casinos include a payout rate for every player. This way, you can make informed decisions. 

Exhilarating and Exciting

Since Sic Bo online is a game of luck and chance, this makes it more exciting to play the game. In addition, the factor of unknown keeps the player on the toes. At any time, anything can happen. The corresponding roll of dice can work in your favor or against yours. 

Common Rules and How to Play Sic Bo Games

Playing Sic Bo online can be a lot of fun for those who know how to play. It is a good idea to read some tutorials if you do not know how to play sic games. The sic bo infographic below have cover some intro and guide for how to play sic bo games in India.

sic bo guide infographic
Sic Bo Guide Infographic

Sic Bo online is an effortless game to play since all you have to do is place your bets on the Sic Bo table. On the table, you have different gambling options. In our Sic Bo how to play section, we will discuss the Sic Bo rules. 

These rules are pretty simple, and a few Sic Bo strategies will walk you on the path to success. The Sic Bo rules are quite simple. The game includes three dices to roll. You need to bet on the outcome of the next round and the total value of the three dice. 

You can also bet that the three dice have the same outcome. In contrast, the players can select two values out of the three results. The payout becomes higher if two or three dice have the outcome you predicted. 

You can make the bets by placing the casino chips on your preferred choice on the table. Then, the online gamblers can click on the spaces to place their wagers. After the betting round ends, the dealer takes a chest with three dice and shakes it for a few seconds. 

Then the dealer opens the chest to reveal the outcome of the dice. The final results pay the winning bets accordingly. The payouts can differ from country to country. However, the discrepancies are not that substantial. 

Common Rules and How to Play Sic Bo Games

The money bets ratios are usually 1:1 for Big (11 to 17) or Small (4 to 11). You can find these options in the top-right corner. The thing to keep in mind here is that two outcomes (3 and 18) are not covered here. 

The house edge for all these bets is 2.7% which is the lowest edge in Sic Bo online. This makes this house edge a fantastic bet for new online gamblers. However, the house edge raises quickly with the payout rates. 

The more payout rates you bet on, the difficult it will be for you to win. 

Final Thoughts

Sic Bo online is a fantastic game to play. The best thing is that you can play it anywhere you like, irrespective of your geographical location. In addition, the few Sic Bo rules make the game easier to understand and play. 

You wouldn’t have to worry about the variants of Sic Bo either, as the game has almost the same rules in every variation. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy Sic Bo online on a trusted Singapore casino now!

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