Landed Casino vs Casino Online Singapore

If you want to play your favorite casino games online then then there are two options that will come out to your mind, which are play in landed casino or online casino Singapore?

Landed Casino vs Online Casino Singapore

When we talk about landed casinos, most people will instantly think of Las Vegas as it's named the gambling heaven in the world. But Singaporeans shouldn’t feel sad as they have some of the best casinos as well. The Resorts World is a great Singapore casino for a starter. The Sentosa Island Singapore also consist of a great casino and talking about Singapore casinos, we definitely shouldn’t miss out on the Marina Bay Sands.

Jumping into the topic of casinos, aren’t you curious about the first appearance of a landed casino? The first commercial gambling machine was introduced in 1896. These gambling machines were actually “slot machines” that you will be able to find on the side of the roads. To play, you just need to insert the coin and spin.

After the emergence of these machines, games such as roulette, poker and other casino games were introduced as well. At that time, it was decided that it would be best if these games could all be placed in an enclosed area for players to play. This area was later on called the casino.

Which casino is better in Singapore? Online or landed casinos

Which casino is better in Singapore? Online or landed casinos

As Singaporean, many players might ask, which casino is the closest to me? There is two landed casino that players can visit and it’s the Resorts World Sentosa Casino and the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Both these casinos are luxurious and comfortable, it will be great for everyone to check out at least once. 

On the internet, on the other hand, players will be able to find many casinos online that they can play for real money. These casinos found online has many different casino games that players can choose and play with real money. These online casinos can very be easily accessed by players just by typing in “online casinos Singapore” on the net.

As for the question of if the online casinos are better than the landed casinos, it really depends on the player itself. For players that prefer comfort, rather not travel and is more to the introvert side, online casinos would be perfect for you. Those who are extrovert prefers socialising and thinks that atmosphere adds to the game, landed casinos would be the one for you. While you will be able to find the thrill in live casinos as well, landed casinos is the place to go if you love the atmosphere.

Things You Should Know About Landed Casinos

Is there a dress code that I would need to follow in a Singapore casino? Can the casino workers join in the game and gamble as well? How much budget should I have before heading to a casino? These are some of the most asked questions by new casino players and we will definitely answer all of them.

For the first question, usually, the dress codes for Singaporeans in landed casinos are determined by the casinos themselves. While most casinos accept players with “casual wear”, some other casinos prefer their players to not wear any jeans or sneakers. It is advisable for players to do some research on the casino they are planning to visit before dressing up.

As for the second one, casino workers are usually not allowed to join in any casino games while they are on duty. So if you see any casino worker gambling during work time, you can go ahead and report them to their superior. For the budget matter, this depends on the game players are deciding to play but having around 500 dollars should cover you well.

Things You Should Know About Online Casinos

Things You Should Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos are a more easier approach for many players. This is because you could just go on the internet and find the right casino for you just by some research. For players doubting online casinos, worry not, online casinos are very safe and they treat their player fairly.

Online casinos are required to have a valid license. This license will protect players from fraud and keep players safe from any tricks and casinos may play. Online casinos are strictly required to follow a set of rules to keep their license.

Other than this, online casinos are also known to give lots of bonuses to players. This is a way to attract new players and also this gives players the extra push for them to embark on this journey. Online casinos treat their loyal players really well. Loyal players usually get an extra set of bonuses, also they are treated really well by online casinos.


I hope that this article has helped cultivate your knowledge of both online casinos and landed casinos. These are officially your first step to enjoying and exploring the world on casinos. All these information will help to give you a smoother start and journey the next time you decide you visit either a landed or online casino. It is important to understand that this is only the first step in your journey, it is always a learning process and you will encounter more aspects to learn in further so buckle up for the future journey.

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