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Best Live Casino Singapore 2022

Live casino offers players the experience of playing in real casinos, only virtually. Thanks to easy games, the market for SG live casino games is not bigger than anywhere else in Asia.

Apart from choosing suitable live casino games, a player must know the best Singapore live casino online. Unfortunately, there are just too many sites, making things a bit hard.

Luckily, we have experience in this field. We are ready to help you find the best live casino Singapore 2022.

Here are some of the factors we consider:

  • Reputation: an online casino that has been on the market for several years should have a good reputation.
  • Security: customer safety and privacy are crucial.
  • Customer care: a friendly staff can make your day.
  • Modes of payment: the right live casino should have a wide range of payment options
  • The overall quality and game selection: choosing a live dealer game with very few games will make no sense.

One of the best sites with these offers is AW8 online casino. The site has an abundance of live games, one of the reasons for its popularity.

Top 10 Live Casinos Online Singapore 2022

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300% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 2,500!

4.9/5.0 | 11,273 votes
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150% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 300!

4.8/5.0 | 9,927 votes
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100% Live Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 800!

4.7/5.0 | 9,213 votes
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Jack998 Logo

100% Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

4.7/5.0 | 8,035 votes
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GCWIN99 logo

100% Sports Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

4.6/5.0 | 8,035 votes
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22WIN Logo

100% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 100!

4.5/5.0 | 5,836 votes
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Jutawan88 Logo

50% Slot Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

4.4/5.0 | 5,082 votes
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100% First Bet On Us Up to SGD 160!

4.4/5.0 | 4,221 votes
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100% Live Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 100!

4.2/5.0 | 3,632 votes
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CL88 Logo

100% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 50!

4.0/5.0 | 2,863 votes
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What Is Live Casino?

Live casino is among the newest gambling methods. It brings players the same action as in a brick-n-mortar casino.

However, there are a few features that make live dealer games unique. They include:

  • Online action. With live casinos, players can place their bets from the comfort of their beds.
  • A wide variety of games. All major casinos provide software from industry leaders like Microgaming, Asia Gaming, Playtech, and Real Gaming. However, live casinos offer a platform for a wider selection.
  • Various payment methods. Online banking provides an easy way into monetary transactions. Now you can deposit and withdraw in a variety of ways.

So, what is an online live casino? It’s an online casino that runs in real-time. The casino has live dealers with high-quality cameras to show the action.

Players can use their computers to get a full experience of these games. Also, you can use a live online casino tracker to get the most from the action.

Live online casino games require top-notch technology. A typical live casino floor has three rooms.

 There is the studio, the software room, and the analyst room. Customers can get the live-action proper when the configuration is set right.

Famous Live Casino Games

The live casino online Singapore world is packed with a wide array of exciting games. It’s hard to describe all of them here. So, we will pick only a few famous ones.

1. Live Roulette

Live roulette promises the most exciting adventure for games. One of the most popular offers comes from Evolution Gaming and other top software providers. 

Enjoy a variety of games, a vast number of generic, VIP, and common tables, and a dedicated customer support team.

2. Live Baccarat

You will find live baccarat in every online live casino Singapore. That’s how famous the game is. Get the excitement of real baccarat games. Everything from the bean-shaped table to the deal face-down cards creates an accurate simulation.

3. Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a favorite for many players. It’s an easy-to-play card game that calls for intuition and strategy. Live blackjack promises the chance to enjoy this action from the comfort of your home – with a live dealer.

4. Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game with roots in Asia. It has some features similar to roulette. The dealer shakes three dice in each round, with players attempting to predict the outcome. Live Sic Bo elevates the level of excitement in this amazing game.

Why Should Play Live Casino Singapore?

Casino lovers enjoy convenience. But that may not happen if you are playing from a classic casino hall.
An excellent live casino SG could be the answer you need.

Consider the following benefits:

a. The Convenience of Playing From Your Home

After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is more stress. Struggling to beat the traffic and secure a table at a physical casino can give you that. 

Try out the best Singapore live casino online from the comfort of your bed, and all these problems are history.

b. You Have Enough Time to Choose the Right Game

Playing at a live gaming online allows you to make a wise choice. There is a wide range of games; blackjack, baccarat, poker, and many others. No one will pressure you to place your bets when you are not ready.

c. It Allows You to Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Scientists have proven that 15 minutes of playing casino live games can make one feel positive about one’s self. Winning is easy because there is a wide array of bets to choose from.

d. There Is a Lot to Win

Apart from being extremely enjoyable, there are so many things to win. Players get a welcome bonus when they create an account, for instance. Then there are many other activities you can partake in to help you win more.

e. No Limitation

Play as many games as you want in online live casinos. Also, most sites are up 24/7. That means you can play at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Live Casinos Games Providers in Singapore

Thanks to reputable software providers, the Singapore online live casino industry has been booming. Every player has their favorite gaming studio. However, most will choose the following:

Top #1: Playtech

Playtech is a big name on the SGD live casino market. The company uses next-generation technology content to bring about change in gambling. They are pioneers in Omni-channel gambling, promising seamless gameplay any time anywhere.

Top #2: Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming is a true leader when it comes to playing casino live Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a leading provider of online gaming software for major casinos. You can count on the quality of their live casino offers.

Top #3: Net Entertainment

Not many software providers offer Net Ent the best live casino in Malaysia and Singapore. The company has been operating for several years now, providing a premium gaming experience to the world. 

You will find their live baccarat, live Sic Bo, live blackjack, and similar games in leading casinos around the globe.

Top #4: Evolution Gaming

It is hard to talk about the best providers of live casino Malaysia or Singapore without mentioning Evolution Gaming. 

It offers the best experience of playing live Sic Bo, Golden Wealth Baccarat, Live Blackjack, and many other games. It’s the quality of its software that attracts many players.

Top #5: Gameplay Interactive

Gameplay Interactive is a global brand. For several years now, the company has been offering product design, software development, and hosting services for online casinos. It’s one of the best companies offering live dealer products in Asia.

Useful Tips to Win Live Casino Games

A wide range of Singapore live casino games are pretty basic. Anyone would be tempted to try them out. But you will discover there is more to it than just the games. Here are some helpful tips:

Tips 1: Understand Live Casinos

Before anything, you need to know how live dealer casino operate. A live casino is just like a traditional casino, only that it plays online. Set your preferences for an online auction.

Tips 2: Choose the Right Online Casino

It would help if you had the best live online casino to get the best experience. Consider the reputation of the casino you choose and the number of games. 

Also, look at their software providers and the quality of games. Other features like payment methods and customer support should also be in consideration.

Tips 3: Have a Budget

Even the best online live casino is not your friend. They want you to play more so they can benefit more. 

Create a budget for every gambling night and stick to it, whether winning or losing. Don’t let anything distract you from that goal.

Tips 4: Avoid Chasing Loses

Emotions get high when playing live dealer games online. That may compel some players to try hard to win back what they have lost. 

Understand that any money you lose is bad money. Therefore, trying to chase it will only lead you to more losses. Forget it and start a new game.

Tips 5: Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Live casinos sound like a place you only go to win money. Well, it is? But first, it’s an entertainment platform. 

The games are designed for fun, which you should try getting from them. You will not feel stressed even at a loss if you enjoy the games.

Different Between Real Money Live Casino and Free Live Casino

You can play casino live Singapore free or with real money. You just have to understand the differences and make a choice that suits your needs.

Here are the differences:

  • Real money live dealer Singapore require investing real money; free live casino does not.
  • With real money live gaming, you can win real prizes, including cash and exotic holiday. The points you get in a free live casino just help you play more free games.
  • More features, like live dealers, dedicated customer support, and live chat, are open in real money options. Free money live casino is just a simulation; not many game features are unlocked.
  • Free games are for learning; real-money live casino games are for winning.


a. Are live casinos legit?

Live casinos follow strict gambling regulations like RNGs and licensing. They also invest heavily in setting up a realistic atmosphere. So, yes, they are legit. Although not all are. Some are fraudulent sites.

b. What is the best live casino?

The best live gaming should offer the best quality graphics, high loading speeds, good customer support, and a wide range of games, among other features. Always take time to research the reputation of any live casino.

c. Is live casino real money?

Live casinos have the option for free and real-money versions. You choose depending on your needs.

d. Are live dealers real?

Yes. Live dealers in top live casinos are real people. Some have even hired beautiful ladies to keep players company while they play.

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