Chinese Lucky Charms For That Extra Bit of Casino Luck

Vince Goh
November 23, 2021

Even the luckiest person wants to be luckier. When it comes to luck, you make your own. Luck is something everyone can’t get enough off in their life and even more so in gambling. 

This is because it is a popular believe that being lucky can help boost a player’s winning chances.

While many thinks that luck is a variable that cannot be manipulated, there are still certain things and acts that we can do to elevate our luck in life. 

Here’s a few Chinese lucky charms that will give you that extra bit of luck you need in life.

Lucky Golden Cats

What is Classic Slots

Cats can sometimes be confusing as some believes that it is a bad omen, while others believe that it brings good luck. 

To explain further on this matter, cat is considered as a bad omen in the Chinese mythology. However, this statement is not inclusive of the golden cat.

The golden cat statue is believed to signify successful transformations of events that may have happened unfavourably. 

The symbol of the lucky cat is referred to as an entity that signifies protection against evil eye, turning it into something good.

In Feng Shui, there’s two different meaning for the two-sided lucky cat statue. 

The side that depicts a smiling cat with a raised paw is believed to attract good luck, fortune, prosperity and wealth. 

The other side on the hand signifies protection as it will sweep away your worries, bad luck and troubles.

Koi and Goldfish

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Carp, also known as koi as well as the gold fish has been used as a form of lucky charm for years by many people around the world. 

According to Feng Shui, you must have eight red and one black of either koi, goldfish or a mix of both in an aquarium.

To get the most of this lucky charm, follow the Fen Shui steps listed below:

  • Aquarium must be placed just inside the front door.
  • You can also place it in the entrance of any area such as bedroom, office space of kitchen to invite qi into your place.
  • It must occupy the north wall or the southeast part of the home
  • Keep the aquarium clean and maintain it regularly
  • If any of dies, please offer gratitude for energetic support and dispose of it well. You can get a replacement fish after that.

You can also wear this symbol as a jewellery piece to attract more luck everywhere you go.


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The colour red, particularly red coloured envelopes are often believed to bring luck. 

While the colour red is associated with passion in the western culture, it is associated with wealth, prosperity and energy in the Chinese culture. 

It is also believed to be the most lucky colour in the Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, red is connected to the fire element which is regarded as protection and often invoke inspiration. This colour is also linked to protection. 

As the luckiest colour, this colour is usually incorporated into all the important events in life such as wedding, Chinese New Year and more. Wearing red is will also elevate your luck and give you positive energy.


What is Classic Slots

While dragons are usually referred to as something bad in the western culture, it is associated with a lot of good things in the Chinese culture. 

In the ancient Chinese culture, the main dragon, which is the Imperial dragon had nine dragon sons. All of which have their own name and symbols. 

The names of these dragon sometimes differ according to the regions in China but have the same meaning.

  1. Baxia or Bixi- It is also known as the turtle dragon or the tortoise dragon and is the most commonly found and recognised dragon symbol. He is powerful, secure and bears one’s life burden. Bixi is known to bring strength and prosperity. Is also ensures one’s long and healthy life. 

  2. Bi An or Bian – Bian is the protector of the law and is considered a fair judge. It is believed bring luck to whoever’s facing legal issues.

  3. Ch’iu Niu or Quiniu – Is the dragon that’s usually carved onto musical instruments as it loves music and creativity. This dragon is also used a relief motif.

  4. Chi-Wen/ Chiwen or Chao Feng – Chi-wen is believed to govern water. So it is usually placed inside the house or on the roof to get protection from the flood, fire or other natural disasters. 

  5. Gongfu or Gong Fu – This water dragon loves a good swim in the lake or anywhere with water. He is usually used as a lucky charm on the ship and is regarded to protect you and bring wealth into your home.

  6. Pu Lao or Puloa – Rules over sounds and is often used as a motif temple bells. To command authority or if you want authority, make sure to have this dragon on your table.

  7. Suan Ni or Sunni – Bestowing wisdom and wealth, this lion dragon watches over those who worships him. He is also known as the dragon God of fire and smoke.

  8. Taotie or Tootie – The Tootie dragon is the one you should have if you are seeking for wealth. This food loving dragon has to be served with bronze or other metal plates, bowls and serving pieces to maximise its power. Tootie can be found in most of the dragon patterns in China.

  9. Ya Zi or Yazi – Ya Zi is a strong and fierce warrior dragon that always conquers in wars. This protector dragon protects those in the military with its energy.

Whether you believe it or not, knowing that you are carrying a lucky charm will better your mood and improve your confidence level. 

This will then help you to think and react better to your surroundings and on the game.

So, even if you don’t believe in this superstition, wear a red underwear the next time you sit down to play online casino games and see how it influences your mood and luck.

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