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How to Play Slots for Beginners: 5 steps easy Guide

Slot machines became popular in the 20th century as gambling devices. But then slot players were not the primary audience of casinos. But over time the scenario has changed.

With the introduction of the first slot machines in the United States in the 1880s, it was gaining a steady pace. But now slot machines have evolved and gained immense popularity.

Earlier they were only restricted to physical machines only but now the internet is reviving this gambling game in digital form. The Internet is flooded with online casino games. It can be a very overwhelming experience if you are playing for the first time.

How to Play Slots for Beginners: 5 steps easy Guide

To ease down your experience you can learn how to play slot machines effectively. If you know how to play slot machines and win, then gripping over the game will not be tough for you.

Offline and online casinos both are available now. If you went there without knowing how to play slot machines your experience can be intimidating. 

Here is the completed step-by-step guide on how to play slot machines and win both online and offline.

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How To Play Slots Online And Win?

How To Play Slots Online And Win?

You can learn how to play slots online for real money with these few steps only. But before that go through these important points on how to play slots online.

1. Learn the basics of slot machines

You will find several tricks to winning on slot machines. But before you start winning a game you need to understand it. 

Go through all the basic terms, rules, and regulations of an online slot machine game. Learn about symbols, pay lines, and reels before starting a game.

Here are a few terms used in slot machines that will help you get how to play slot machines properly.

  • Jackpots - The maximum payout
  • Bonus rounds- Mini-games which can help earn bonuses
  • RTP- return to player percentage
  • Betting stakes- the amount of money you can bet per spin. It can be a fixed minimum or maximum amount.
  • Slot developer- The one who creates slots.

2. Select a good online casino

Selecting the perfect casino is the 1st and most crucial part of playing a slot. Numerous options are available on the internet but only a few of them, like AW8 and IvIp9 are reliable.

3. Warm-up with free demo games

If you truly want to learn how to play slots smartly then you yourself have to become a smart player. 

Free game rounds are available on almost every online casino. Give it a try before you bet your money on slot games.

4. Decide your budget

The most important suggestion for people looking for how to play slots for beginners is ‘FIX YOUR BUDGET’. Set your limits before you begin an online slot game

If you want to play big games like Online casino Singapore then self-control is vital for winning.

Give up when you exhaust your budget or earn double the amount of it. Only then you can truly learn how to play slots online and win.

Step-by-step guide- How to play slot machines online

  1. Select a good online game. You can begin with AW8 or IvIp9. Open it on your preferred device. 
  2. Look at the paytable and know the symbol’s worth. Also, check the bankroll on the screen.
  3. Select betting amount and number of pay lines. Selecting max bet will select all payouts at once. 
  4. Press spin and play the game. If you win your reward will be displayed on the screen. The game will give you a chance to gamble and earn a bonus.
  5. You can continue playing the slot game as long as you wish. But pay attention to your bankroll. 

How To Play Slot Machines In A Casino?

How To Play Slot Machines In A Casino?

Playing a slot machine in a casino is different from online casino games. The physical slot machines display games on a video screen but they only have buttons like start/stop or spin for the game.

Some slot machines dispense payment in different forms like bills, vouchers, tickets, or tokens instead of cash. 

So select a proper casino and know their payout ranges and jackpot amount before you start playing there.

  1. Select a denomination you want to play in. and deposit your amount. The amount will get converted into credits and it will appear on the meter. 
  2. Press ‘play one credit’ until you reach your desired coin number. Select the bet amount and the number of payline and pull the lever or press the “spin reels'' button. 
  3. The game will start now. You can select the “bet max” option to bet the maximum amount allowed in the machine.   
  4. Enjoy your game till you exhaust your budget. 

While playing games in a casino, maintain casino etiquette. Many slot players occupy more than one slot machine game at a time. This can limit others' chances to play the game.

If you are in a crowded casino try to limit yourself to a single machine and give others a chance to play and enjoy the game.

How to play slot machines, Reddit and Quora are saturated with such questions. Start with free games and then slowly you can proceed to bigger platforms and increase your bet money.


a. How do you play slots online and win?

Playing slots online is very simple. Once you get familiar with the terms of an online slot you can easily learn how to play slot machines. Start by selecting the betting amount and pay lines and spin-off the reel.

b. Can you win money playing online slots?

Online slot games have changed the lives of many gamblers. Anyone who knows how to play slot machines stands a chance to earn real money and become rich.

c. What is the best online slot game to play?

Games like AW8 and IvIp9 are currently the best platform to play online slot games. They offer real money and variety in games. These platforms have been certified and they operate legally.

So if you know how to play slot machines and win then AW8 and IvIp9 is the perfect platform for you.

d. Can you play slots online legally?

Playing slots online is legal in many places. But many states prohibit it. If your government permits it then yet you can play slots online legally.

e. What is the most popular slot game?

Goblin's Cave (Playtech), Starburst (NetEnt), Sunrise Reels (Realistic Games), etc. are the most popular slot games on the Internet now. 

But many new games like AW8 and IvIp9 are making their way in the online slot game market.

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