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Mega888 has gained massive popularity as an online casino game. Its official site has highly exciting offers for online gamblers. But do you know how this online casino became such a hit? What is the history behind it? Read further and you will get to know every detail about how Mega888 Slot and its other casino games became a hit. 

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How Mega888 became the biggest hit in Malaysia?

Backstory of Mega888

Mega888 Slot Online has a significant part in the history of online casino games. The Mega refers to huge and 8 stands for luck in China. So 888 signifies triple luck which every gambler wants while playing.

Mega888 online was started by a Malaysian game developer named Michael Tan. This game changed his fortune and made a grocery man’s son a billionaire.

It is one of the first digital casinos in Malaysia. It is a traditional casino game that was digitalized to meet the needs of changing audiences. It came into the limelight during 2017 and soon it became Malaysia's most trending online casino platform.

In Asian countries, Mega888 can still give tough to top-level Online casino Singapore games. Mega888 online games have a stronghold over Asian gamblers, especially players from Malaysia.

During its initial stage, its rivalry with SCR888 was popular. This neck-to-neck competition with SCR888 used to drive more gamblers to Mega888. Even in the year 2020 when all the online games were suffering, it was blooming at its own pace.

Top 3 Best Games of Mega888

1. Steam tower

The steam tower is a Mega888 Slot based game. Its theme is an adventure but it stands out from ordinary adventure games. The graphics are very impressive and make the game more intuitive. It took the players on a journey of 19th century Victoria technology and industrial design.

Different reels symbols like a steam tower, harpoon symbols (Wild), dragon eye, the princess makes it more interesting. Some features of these slot games:
  • Payline- 15
  • Reels- 5
  • extra Scatter Symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Mega888 casino bonus

2. Dragon maiden

The game has been beautifully designed around the medieval fantasy realm of Dragon Maiden. The game is an excellent choice for anyone who likes their rolls well. It stands 2nd in the list with an RTP of 96.49%.

The cartoon symbols used in these mega888 online games make it more relatable and fun. Voice track adds a unique texture to the game.
  • Payline- 3
  • Reels- 5
  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Free spin
  • Gold free spin available which multiplies the way to win to 7,776. 

3. Top gun

This Top gun is one of the most loved games of Mega888 slot. The game has taken inspiration from the entertainment industry also like Berlin’s single ‘Take My Breath Away. Some main characters of the game are Iceman, Goose, Stinger, Charlie, Jester.
  • Payline- 243
  • Reels- 5
  • Coins per line- 1-1
  • Coins range- 0.01-10
  • Mega888 bonus
  • Free Games round

Interesting Features of Mega888

Interesting Features of Mega888

Friendly UI

The Mega888 team has done amazing work on graphics. The graphs look incredibly realistic and give a real-life experience to the users. Even for the new players, the game is easy to understand.

If you haven’t played before then you can use mega888 download and play some free games before you put your money into it.

Play with ease

Everything unfolds right in front of the gamers’ eyes so there is no chance of getting scammed by algorithms. You can rely on the game and play for your money and earn more money.

The game is available for smartphones, PC and laptops. You just need a strong internet connection and you can enjoy the game from anywhere.

Fast payment options

The game is a real win-win for gamblers. The players get a lot of free spin and bonuses and the credit can be withdrawn easily. It offers dozens of interactive games and free play.

Interaction with winners

The platform is good for interacting with other players and learning through skills on how to win mega888.

Freebies and offers

There is no shortage of freebies, offers, and promotions on this game. Free chips are available for all players that have mega888 login.

How safe are Mega888 games?

Mega888 is the biggest hit among gambling games in Malaysia. You will not find another secure platform like it. They maintain all the checks and regulations to prevent unfair means of winning.

The Mega888 software is safe and reliable. Even for newbies in gambling, it is a good platform.


a. How many games can you play in Mega888?

Mega888 offers dozens of interactive games and free play. You can play with low credit and high credit and the more you play the better will be your chances of winning.

b. What is the best online slot game to play?

The Internet provides a lot of options but the best of them are AW8 and iVIP9. These platforms have high winning chances and provide amazing deals and offers. They also offer a lot of freebies to the new players.

c. What is Mega888?

Mega888 is the leading online casino in Malaysia. The game offers traditional casino games with interesting graphics. It also offers a lot of bonuses and freebies. You can enjoy it from here mega888 kiosk download.

d. Is Play'N GO software safe and secure?

Play’N Go supplies gambling games to online casinos. They are well licensed and certified authority and all of their products go through independent lab checks so safety and security are not an issue with them. They offer the safest, secure, and reliable products for online gambling.

e. How to start playing Mega888 slot games?

Mega888 is similar to other online casinos. You just have to follow the basic rules of an online slot game and remember to maintain fair practices while playing on it.
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