Vince Goh - The Life and Values of an Expert Betting Guide

The casino industry has been around for as long as many can remember. Starting from the bricks and mortar casinos that could be found those days, these days, everything has become more virtual and easy thanks to the technologies today.
Along with the advancement of casinos from traditional to virtual, casino games around the world has been evolving as well. These days, players can find so many different types of casino games online, thanks to the many different game providers out there. As games are evolving, the whole casino industry is blooming as well.
In midst of this competitive industry is Mr Vince Goh, an expert betting guide and player from Singapore that has been making a big name for himself. His guides and tips are known to have helped so many casino players around the world. Today, Vince Goh is a precious individual that’s valued around the world for his casino-related writings.

Who is Vince Goh

If there’s someone the casino industry in Asia and around the world would know, it's Vince Goh. This famous 48-year-old is a casino player and writer from Singapore that could be depicted as an industry expert from all his achievements and writing pieces. He is one of the most successful casino experts in Asia with countless wins under his belt and casino guide pieces that have helped countless players.
Vince Goh has an extensive background in statics. He studied Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Michigan and continued his masters in Statistic & Economics. His vast interest in numbers, statistic and maths made him choose this education pathway. Other than that, Vince Goh loves writing. This is a hobby that he has adopted since really young as his parents always encouraged him to write journals.
All this helped him develop a wide range of knowledge and background that helped fuelled his successful expert casino guide writer career. According to Vince Goh, his start was gradual and slow. The reason for this is that he came across the casino world thanks to his friend. Therefore, due to his careful nature, he did a lot of background research before getting into this industry.
Something that sets Vince Goh apart is that he’s very value-orientated. It’s stated that his values pushed him to new heights that he achieved while being a writer and player. His approaches are special and mention-worthy. Most of his casino guides and tips are altered to fit players from different categories and their bankroll. Players simply need to do a little search on his contents before choosing one that would fit them the best. As a player, Vince Goh on the other hand is known to take some risks to try out different approaches in the world of casinos. This helps him to write user guides and tips.

Achievement and Career Advancements in The Betting Industry

Known as one of the best casino guide writers, Vince Goh is looked up around the world. His works usually involve so much research that players usually don’t question his guides and tips before trying them. This could also be due to the reason that Vince Goh is a casino player as well. Being in a player position would give players that extra trust in his writings.

As a casino writer from Singapore, Vince Goh has so many achievements under his belt that would Singaporeans more than proud of him. Listed below are some of his achievements amidst the hundreds out there.

  • First Asian to have his writing published in Casino Life Magazine (One of the biggest casino-themed magazine in the world)
  • Had 5 pages feature on his expert guides and tips on casino games in Casino Life & Business Magazine.
  • Front cover feature in Casino Style Magazine
  • Named as an industry expert by several famous casino players namely sports bettor John Price.

While these are only some of his many achievements, when asked how he achieves all these, Vince Goh says that he has some values that he strictly follows as a casino game player and guide writer. All these values have said to have pushed him to be one of the best in Asia.

What Are Some of Vince Goh’s Values

The main reason for the success of Vince Goh as a casino writer is due to the values he has and follows. Vince Goh swears that as a casino player as well, finding a value that fits you is the best way to succeed as a player and writer. Taken from an interview he had, he said “me being a value-orientated person, is the main reason for my success”. 

Some of the values I follow as a player and writer are:

  1. Understand the math and numbers involved in my betting – if you think this means that you have to be a math genius then you are wrong. It is always good to have more knowledge of the numbers involved in the game you're betting on. The best thing to learn about is fundamental on probability and betting odds. This is the main point Vince Goh always stresses upon in almost all his writings.
  2. Think like a pro player – while many people do lose money in casino games, the main thing that players shouldn’t do is give up after losing a few games. When starting, Vince Goh had his share of losses but that didn’t demotivate him but on the other hand, it encouraged him to try harder to win and write more guides that will encourage players to continue their journey.

To start profiting from casino games, it is important to have the mindset that you are a pro. Start eating, sleeping believing in this value and it will change the way you think as you will be more driven to make decisions and play like a pro.

  1. Focus one sport as a starter (this is more for new players) – According to Vince Goh’s guides, when starting players should focus on one game and master it before jumping into other games. Develop a solid grasp on how to bet and win on the game you choose to get into before jumping into another game.
  2. Consider public opinion as well – Vince Goh loosely values this value. This is because many public watchers and players out there know about the game better than us, therefore, Vince Goh always refers to public opinions as well before deciding on betting. As Vince Goh mentions “there’s always someone better than us, so no harm in listening to others once in a while”

Future Orientation of Vince Goh

If any aspiring, upcoming and smart onilne casino singapore players need a role model and for that extra push, Vince Goh is exactly that person for you. Despite having a full-time job and family, this man has shown that his writing and gambling can earn him money and respect. All this is due to the extra push and effort from Vince Goh himself. We are proud to have Vince Goh in our country as he has made us known around the world. We hope to cover more in Vince Goh on his future achievements and endeavours.
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