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Not sure what the gambling regulation is in your country? It's not just you. Between different legal frameworks, gambling and betting regulation can be a gray area where protecting players is an essential issue for many countries across the world.

To find out all you need to know about the legality of gambling activities in your region, visit our dedicated pages that will provide updates on legislation and how it's interpreted by the respective regulatory bodies. On your regional page, you will also find recommended land-based casinos near you and a list of online casinos that are licensed to operate in your country, meaning they're safe to register with.

Top 10 Most Reputable Online Casinos In Singapore

Top 10 Most Reputable Online Casinos In Singapore



  • Wide collection of games
  • International casino
  • 24/7 customer service

300% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 2,500!



  • Various payment methods
  • Secure and safe site
  • Good bonuses

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 1,200!



  • Large collection bonuses
  • Easy site navigation
  • Live chat support

200% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 150!



  • Good selection of games
  • 24/7 help available
  • Excellent reputation

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 800!



  • Fast withdrawal methods
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Site with user friendly 

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!



  • International Casino
  • Support Crypto Payment
  • 24/7 live support

150% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 300!



  • Popular Live casino Game
  • Excellent VIP program
  • Very friendly support

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 588!



  • Excellent Reputation
  • Many bonuses
  • Various currency accepted

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!



  • Popular Jackpot slots
  • Bitcoin payment accepted
  • Good game selection

200% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 1,000!



  • Easy registration
  • Wide range of bonuses
  • Simple & clean website UI

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!


Hot Games


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Quality games

Quality Games

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customer support

Customer Support


online slot


Gamers can find slot games the leading live casino online Singapore. The game rules are similar, only that now you can play from anywhere and at any time.

live casino


Every reputable online casino Singapore and Malaysia offers live casino games. It’s one of the reasons this industry has been growing so fast.

sports betting


When you talk about online casino betting in Singapore, many people will relate it to sports. This is because of the large number of bookmakers holding this market together.

online poker


Online poker promises the most exciting approach to poker. The fact that you can play from anywhere and at any time presents so many opportunities. Poker is a popular cards game in casinos.

online lottery


There are so many lottery games in Singapore. Many people find it hard to participate because of their locations.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is online casino legal in Singapore?

Online gambling has been banned under the Remote Gambling Act in Singapore since 2014. Only two establishments approved by the government can operate online gambling - Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. No other online casino Singapore and betting through bookies are permitted to operate in the Lion City.

The approach taken by Singaporean government is nearly identical to regulation in Australia whereby some registered online casinos are allowed but otherwise mostly restricted. However, online casino remain a largely grey market where despite no outright legalization, the netizens in countries such as Japan and Hong Kong can still participate in online casino with undue access.

This is similar to the state of online casino Singapore. While online gambling is often viewed with caution for its impact on society, this perception is not universal. Evidently, Malta legalized online gambling alongside its land-based counterpart for all forms of games.

Online casinos are not a landmine of rigged games and gambling fever. In contrast, there are reputable casinos with real potential to win and reliable payout such as AW8, IVIP9, and UEA8ET. Some are endorsed by notable public figures and hold official gambling licenses for seal of authenticity.

Which online casino is best in Singapore?

AW8 - the best online casino Singapore AW8 is one of the most popular online casino in Southeast Asia with plenty to offer for Singaporean players. It is the biggest online betting agency which offers top brands such as Sportsbook. In addition, AW8 also acts as the official agent for major gambling brands namely CMD368 and Allbet. Other highlights shown below:

a. Wide variety of games

AW8 aims to emulate the joy of land-based casino experience - but magnified in greater glory. Hence, the online casino provides a wide range of games which include: Slots, sports betting, E-sports betting,poker,fishing, lottery and 3D games.

b. Live casino

There’s no need to visit land-based casino for the gambling thrill when you can have it with your PC. AW8 employs professional croupiers for real-time betting in an authentic setting. This feature is available for popular games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette.

c. 24-hour customer support

Online casino Singapore never sleeps. Therefore, AW8 offers continuous support for the players. Support channels include phone calls and Whatsapp messaging plus live chat which operates 24 hours daily. This online casino readily assists users with any issues - just say hi.

How to win in an online casino Singapore?

i. Embrace The Incentives

More money means more opportunities to bet. There’s no better way to make free money than free incentives provided by online casino Singapore. They come in the form of bonuses to encourage players to get started immediately when they signed up. 

These are emerging crowd favourites: refer a friend - Get paid when your friend signed up using your referral code; Welcome bonus - Special for new users with a sum of money credited to their account; Birthday bonus - Enjoy extra bonus in your birthday month

ii. Know Your Strategy

No two games are truly alike and the players should understand the strategies. This is to assess your understanding and match it with suitable games. The best practice is to identify low-skill and high-skill games, plus complexity of mechanics.

iii. Set A Limit

Gamble responsibly and never go beyond your means. Establish a loss limit and stick to it everytime you play. Bigger stakes means bigger payout but this also means more pressure and bigger potential loss. It is ill-advised to act impulsively. 

Hence, if you are on a losing streak, take a break and clear your mind. Understand that the online casino is always open, and you can come back with a vengeance on the next day.

Is AW8 legal in Singapore?

Online casino Singapore is regulated by the Remote Gambling Act in Singapore. Hence, not all online casino are permitted to operate except Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. 

However, these permitted entities are unlike the modern online casino with plenty of games and attractive incentives. AW8 aims to stand out with a catalogue of games for players who love the convenience of gambling at a reputable platform.

AW8 is also accessible in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The customer base is wide and continues to grow as it gains a foothold in the realm of online gambling. Similiar to Singapore, these aforementioned countries have strong stance against online gambling. If such is the reality, why does AW8 continue to grow and remain available to all online players?

Reputation has a lot to do with the survival of AW8. Guaranteed payout, good diversity of games, multiple payment methods, and reliable customer service - all these factors helped players to build trust in AW8. 

The player is in control of their winnings, and cashing out winnings is a guarantee, not a possibility only. Understandably, like most casino online Singapore, AW8 is in the grey area of prohibition and players may feel wary of online safety.

However, everything novel needs time to be accepted by the populace. Just like bitcoin, it's a controversial format of digital currency and now it's recognized as legal currency in some countries. 

Likewise, it'll take time for online casino to be accepted as entities like AW8 proved legitimate online gambling can be reputable.

Which online casino has the best payout?

IVIP9 is known for the best payout mechanics among its peers. Most players expect a seamless online casino Singapore experience plus a smooth payout journey. 

This online casino accomplished that with its relatively fast payout transactions. Players are drawn to its good payout mechanics that ensure a guaranteed sum of money won - zero disputes involved.

There are a wide variety of games with the same payout structure which is to deliver fast cash winnings to the players’ accounts upon submission. Each submission will be processed immediately and transfer of winnings will occur in 72 hours. 

In comparison, this competitive average time of processing is consistent with other online casinos. The payout is also executed via direct online bank transfer to the player's account for immediate funds when you need them.

The great payout scheme is also supported by its 24/7 customer service on live chat to ensure that all support is only a click away. Should there be any issues regarding the payout, the players can reach out to their friendly customer support team and track the status of payout. 

Players who seek enjoyable gameplay and safe payout can bet on IVIP9 for their trusted reputation.

What is the most popular game in online casinos in Singapore?

Online casino Singapore is never short of games. While each player may have their preferences, slots are nearly well-liked by everyone across different generations. This is attributed to these reasons:

- Great ease of play

Unlike other games where players are required to memorize the rules, slot is easy to play. It also doesn’t put players under mental duress to strategize their hand.The absence of complex mechanics also create a casual, low-skill gameplay. 

The end goal is to match the same symbols on the same row. Hence, it is less challenging for players of all skill levels.

- Massive variety

Classic games such as keno and baccarat are largely alike. The rules are not drastically different from casino to casino and they all have the same vibe. Essentially, they are the same old wine in new bottles. On the other hand, slot come in a great variety of styles and design. The stellar 3D design and illustration helped create an immersive video game-like experience.

- Convenience

Some games are best played in an online live casino setting such as poker. Therefore, it is ideally played on a PC. However, slot would be an exception. Most online casinos have optimized their websites for mobile viewing and there are even apps. 

Players can continue to play slots even when they are commuting on MRT. Essentially, it delivers entertainment on the go, and players don’t even need to visit land-based casino.

How much does it cost to start playing in an online casino?

All players are required to make a minimum deposit before they start in online casino Singapore. A deposit is required before players start their gambling activities as it will be used to make in-game bets. The rate may vary depending on the casino. 

However, the average minimum deposit is around SGD 10 or more, which is similar to a full price set meal of McDonald’s.

However, there are also instances where the players are not required to make any deposit thanks to no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus is a feature whereby a sum of money will be deposited into the user's account to be used in actual casino games. 

The players are also permitted to keep their winnings. Essentially, the cost to play is zero for new registration for a risk-free experience.

Likewise, there’s also a deposit bonus that awards the players when they deposit money. The player will gain an additional sum of money based on a rate calculated from their initial deposit, This strategy permits players to get more value out of their investment and more bets can be made to secure possible winnings.

These mechanics vary in different online casino and typically only one deposit bonus feature is available. In addition, some casino also offer free play before any betting is involved. 

Hence, the player should test and see if the catalogue of games suit their interests. This will help to avoid depositing money that players may never use.

What is the best and safest online casino?

AW8 is often seen as the best online casino Singapore. They stand out among their peers for their good reputation. Evidently, they have presence in markets beyond Singapore - Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. What makes AW8 the best and safest online casino?

a. Guaranteed payout

Credibility of online casino often comes into question when it comes to deposit and withdrawal. Understandably, the players are concerned that they will be scammed. 

In reality, this is not the case as the platforms are played by users of different nationalities in Southeast Asia, and they continue to come back. Payout is straight to the user's banking account. Therefore, balance updates are immediate for review.

b. Good variety of games

Visiting AW8 is akin to a visit to a land-based casino. Many types of games are available, and there’s something for every preference. The online casino featured classics and crowd favourites for non-stop entertainment. 

The players no longer need to leave home to play their favourites games - all they need is the Internet and PC/smartphone. These games can be found in AW8:Slot, Baccarat, Sports betting, Keno and more

c. Reliable customer support

Online casino operates 24/7, therefore their customer support should also never be stopping to assist users when needed. AW8 understood this importance and their friendly customer service is readily available. 

Support options include WeChat, Whatsapp, phone call, and live chat. The variety of customer support is excellent for users to seek support anytime, anywhere.

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