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Best Online Casino Bonuses in Singapore 2022

Online casino bonus is a staple on all platforms. They are just as important as what the game offers. Unlike physical casinos whereby the interaction with onsite staff helped to propagate the promotional activities, online casinos adopt different means.

The bonuses offered by the online casinos are one such means to attract and retain the crowd. By comparison, online casinos offer far better bonuses than traditional casinos. However, what do we know about online casino bonuses?

Top 10 Online Casino Bonuses in Singapore

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  • Instance withdrawal
  • Many bonuses

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 800!

  • Biggest variety of bonus
  • Mobile casino
  • VIP membership

300% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 2,500!

  • Quick  withdrawal
  • Top-quality sports betting
  • VIP membership

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 1,200!

  • 500+ slot games
  • Diverse payment options
  • Selected exclusive games

200% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 150!

  • Interactive live casino
  • Mobile casino
  • 24/7 live chat

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 800!

  • Interactive fishing game
  • Comprehensive live casino
  • 24/7 live chat

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!

  • Big range of games
  • VIP membership
  • Special giveaways

150% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 300!

  • Low minimum deposit
  • Referral commission
  • E-wallet payment supported

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 588!

  • Big range of games
  • VIP membership
  • Various slot bonus

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!

  • Quick withdrawal
  • Mobile casino
  • 24/7 live chat

200% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 1,000!

  • Easy registration
  • Wide range of bonuses
  • Simple & clean website UI

100% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 200!


What Is Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is an incentive provided to the players by casino operators. These incentives serve to encourage the players to invest their money and play in the casino. The secondary goal is to enhance their gameplay experience for greater customer satisfaction.

As most online casino games are independent of human interactions, the player needs to be self-sufficient to master the interface and virtual game simultaneously. The casino bonus can soften the blow of hardships and losses encountered during the attempts to learn the game.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, discounts are provided when players buy chips at the counter. The online casino takes this measure a step further by diversifying its offering of casino bonuses. The wide range of bonuses allows the players to find something that suits their interests. This permits the players to customize their gameplay in the best way possible.

Types of Casino Bonuses Offered

The names of the casino bonuses may differ depending on the operators. However, the purpose remains the same. While some casinos may only offer selected bonuses, it’s good to know every bonus available for consideration for your next account registration.

Deposit/welcome bonus

The most common form of bonus. The player is required to make a minimum deposit to claim it. In addition, this bonus is exclusive to new players, and it’s one-time only. The bonus will multiply the deposit amount by 150%-200%. In addition, the bonus is only applicable to selected games.

No deposit bonus

The player can claim this bonus without making any deposit. However, no payout is possible without fulfilling some terms and conditions. However, this bonus is great for the players to check out a new casino without investing real money. The risk is low, and there are no actual losses.

Match bonus

The casino will attempt to match the amount deposited by the player. The mechanic is similar to the deposit/welcome bonus. However, the player will only receive a monetary reward for this bonus. The rate of the match bonus is between 100%-200% for most casinos. The player may only claim this once per account registration. However, there are exceptions on rare occasions.

Free spins

This bonus is only applicable in slots. As the name suggests, the bonus allows the players to spin the slots for free. The player will receive a fixed amount of free spins. The game can be played with these free spins, and any winnings are eligible for a payout.

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus works like a rebate. When the player makes a deposit, a sum of money will be credited based on a cashback rate. The credited money will be added to the player’s account. The average rate of cashback is around 1%, with no maximum payout. 

While it operates in the same principle as a match bonus, the amount is far lesser. This bonus is aimed at regular customers of a casino.

Free play bonus

The player can play the games free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity for the player to test the game's mechanics. Most importantly, it allows the player to examine the casino in a low-risk setting. As most games require real money for betting, the bonus can counteract this requirement.

Loyalty/VIP bonus

Only registered members of important priority receive this bonus in the casino. The membership is typically by invitation only, and it is reserved for high rollers. The bonus can take many forms, such as increased cashback, match bonus, and more. In addition, the bonus may also award the players with exclusive travel packages and giveaways.

Rescue bonus

Losing is not the end in online casinos. This bonus uplifts players by crediting money based on the number of losses. It is calculated weekly, and a loss tier is in place. The extra cash creates a positive account balance and encourages the players to try again.

Referral bonus

The bonus is a marketing ploy is to get more customers. Each player has a unique ID or referral link. When other people sign up with the ID or through the link, the player gains successful referrals. For the player’s recommendation, a sum of money will be credited to the account for every referral.

Birthday bonus

This bonus is a token of appreciation from the casino. A sum of money will be credited to the player’s account on his or her birthday month. To enjoy the bonus, the player deposits a sufficient amount before the birthday month. The bonus is typically usable on various types of games.

Casino Bonus Requirements For Players

To use the bonus, the players must comply with some rules. While the rules are a must, it is not difficult to fulfill them. As the requirements are drawn from the day-to-day use of the casino, the player may even unknowingly meet them.

- Wagering requirement

The condition refers to how many times the player must use the bonus to bet before any winnings become withdrawable. For example, the player receives a $20 bonus, and the wagering requirement is x40. This means the player must make a bet using that amount of money 40 times.

- Bet limits

The casino dictates that the players may only bet no higher than the minimum bet for a game. This is to avoid the players from cashing out significant amounts of money as soon as they win. The provision of bonuses comes with a risk, and a bet limit is used to mitigate the possible losses.

- Game restrictions

Not all bonuses have a universal utility. Most casinos impose restrict the prize to be usable in only selected games. The popular games excluded from game restrictions are slot, live casinos, and sports betting.

- Maximum winnings

The player may only win up to a certain amount using the bonus. This ensures fairness for the others who gamble with their own money. The extra funds through rewards create more chances to bet than those with a limited bankroll.

- Time limitations

Some bonuses necessitate a complete use within a specified time frame. The regular players are unlikely to encounter problems with frequent visits. However, the less active players should take note of the period to avoid losing the bonus.


Online casino bonuses are integral to helping the players enjoy good gambling experiences. The selection of games may appear similar in different at a glance. However, the bonuses can become a distinguishing feature to separate the good from the average casinos. The player should evaluate the bonuses as much as the games to find a casino that suits them.

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