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Best Online Casino Bonus Singapore 2022

As a casino player, bonuses and incentives are something that you will come across a lot in your journey. 

To start from the beginning, what is casino bonuses? Are only online casinos offering free credits with no deposit?

Best Online Casino Bonuses in Singapore 2022

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300% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 2,500!

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150% Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 300!

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100% Live Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 800!

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100% Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

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100% Sports Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

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100% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 100!

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50% Slot Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 120!

4.4/5.0 | 5,082 votes
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100% First Bet On Us Up to SGD 160!

4.4/5.0 | 4,221 votes
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100% Live Casino Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 100!

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100% Slots Welcome Bonus Up to SGD 50!

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What Is Casino Bonus?

How to claim your online casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are incentives given to players by the casino. These incentives are usually given as a form of gratitude or to encourage players on their journey. 

For landed casinos, regular players are the one’s that are usually given the incentives. Players are also given discounts at certain times when they purchase casino chips to play.

Online casinos Singapore on the other hand have more diverse groups of bonuses for their players. this could also be a big reason why many players, especially new players like to begin their journey at online casinos than a landed casino. 

Online casino bonuses are also more altered to fit each player. In case a player has been losing in a game of slot, online casinos will usually send this player more free spins. 

This is usually to make up for the free spins they lost. Players will also get loyalty bonuses and birthday bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses Offered

Types of Casino Bonuses Offered

There are usually several types of casino bonuses that you may encounter as players in a casino. 

These are categories or types that you usually wouldn’t see casinos use to explain bonuses but these are actually the perfect way for players to understand bonuses further.

1. Deposit bonus/ Welcome Bonus

A deposit bonus is bonuses given to players after they make a deposit in the casino. This usually includes all form of incentives given right after the deposit is made.

2. No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are incentives given to players before they make any deposits in the casino. 

This is usually a great way for players to try out the games before making any deposit, at the same time, it’s a great way for casinos to attract new players to their casino.

3. Match bonus

A match bonus is usually the most popular form of bonuses offered in casinos. Casinos will offer you cash to match the value of a certain percentage of your first deposit or any deposit for a matter of fact. 

For example, casinos may offer 100% math on your first deposit.

4. Free spins

Free spins are as easy as their name. Players will be given a number of free spins for their game. Free spins are usually given in both no deposit and deposit bonuses.

5. Cashback bonus

A cashback bonus is when cash is given back to casino players in casinos. This scenario can usually be seen when the player makes frequent deposits in the casino.

6. Free Play Bonus

The free play bonus is as simple and straightforward as it sounds. Players will be given chances to play the game they want for free with no deposit. This usually serves as a trial for the players.

7. Exclusive Bonus

Exclusive bonuses are bonuses given to a certain group of people or players from certain countries. Players will only be able to redeem this bonus if they fit the terms; aid down by the casino.

8. Loyalty Bonus/ VIP Bonus

A loyalty bonus is given to players to commemorate the player's loyalty towards the casino. Usually given in the anniversaries of players

Casino Bonus Requirements For Players

Casino Bonus Requirements For Players

Requirements are things that are tied to the bonuses that players redeem from casinos. The most common requirement that players would come across is the wagering requirements. 

The first thing you should check when you claim a casino bonus is the wagering requirements.

Other than the wagering requirements, it is very important for players to read all the terms and conditions tied with the casino bonus

Many players skip this step and go straight to the wagering requirements but the terms and conditions are the main steps that make or break a bonus. 

After checking out these two things, you should be able to go head with your bonus.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that reputable casinos always provides their players with reasonable and suitable bonuses that suit their needs. 

It is essential for you as a player to make sure that you only bonuses from safe and trusted casinos. 

Make sure to read through and make sure that you are being treated fairly and efficiently according to the bonuses that you are accepting for both online and landed casinos.

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