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IVIP9 Casino Review

We are still determining what to make of this website. The overall design is more subtle, and only a few attention-grabbing highlights compel us to stay.

The casino needs its soul, and we are wondering if the lack of games or advertisements is responsible here.

The heavy text concentration in the second half of the website stands out to us. They don’t serve real purposes and would be better off removed.

In addition, we also do not find any bonuses and promotions that are prominently advertised, which intrigues our senses of bargain hunting. There is not a lot happening in IVIP9, but we will try to keep our minds open.

The overall look and feel are not too different from other top online casinos such as AW8 and JW8. IVIP9 emulated the appearance but did not translate to the same good user experience.

The games are displayed on top of the game, whereas the sliding banners advertise the not-so-attractive promotions.

Another issue we find strange is that colossal chunk of text in the second half of the page. The text does not add value to the website. An organized promotion section would suit the purpose better than the eyesore text. 

It is just not pleasing to read and looks even worse on mobile view. We had to keep scrolling to the bottom just to see everything. It was like we watched a red carpet being rolled out - we kept waiting for the end of the homepage to appear.

The progressive jackpot displayed with snowballing amount seems appealing, but it is not enough to salvage the website from looking unfinished. 

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Online Since: 2019
Singaporean players accepted
License: Singapore
Game Software: 918KISS, Evolution Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming, Dream Gaming
Support: Live Chat
Bonus: SGD300 Welcome Bonus

Fastest Payout: 15 mins
Min/Max Deposit: SGD20-30,000
Live Dealer: Yes
# of Games: 571
Download: No

Highlights of IVIP9

SGD300 in welcome bonus
2 Withdrawal options
Good live casino games
Friendly customer service
Accept cryptocurrency
Low minimum deposit

IVIP9 Review Summary

We will provide our honest take about this low key casino.

The offering of games is standard. Therefore, you can expect games such as sports, e-sports, live casino, fishing, slots and more. For an online casino, it fulfils the criteria to operate based on the variety of games alone.

We tested some games, such as live casino games, slots, and fishing. Everything performed normally, and there was nothing unusual. Multiple online casinos in Singapore share the same developer. 

Hence, the past reviews provide a good yardstick for comparison. However, it is also a double-edged sword, as identical vendors mean the same games between different casinos. 

This is not good for a low-key casino like IVIP9 because it could not create unique selling points to draw players.

We also had a look at IVIP9’s bonuses and promotions. It was decent because the selection was diverse. It reminded us of our visit to AW8, whereby the bonuses are hard to forget.

There are welcome, referral, attendance, Telegram, Rescue, Midnight, and others. We did not have any issues when we claimed them.

The website was also tested for mobile optimization, and it functioned normally. Although being a group of old-school players, we prefer the PC version much better.

IVIP9 Benefits

Over 500 games from leading software providers

Minimum deposit starts at SGD20

Accept cryptocurrency for deposit

Stable performance of mobile gambling

Good variety of bonuses

IVIP9 Drawbacks

Welcome bonus could be improved

Repetition of games seen elsewhere

Accept only one type of cryptocurrency for payment

Company Background


IVIP9 is headquartered out of Singapore with a passion for everything about gambling. While its origins are traced back to overseas ownership, the casino is distinctly Asian. 

Singapore is the principal market of the business. The casino also expanded its business to the Thailand market. As expected, the people behind the casino are a group of multi-national team members to oversee operations in the region. 

The casino’s goal is to open a new frontier for online gambling with better and greater games. Based on our review, we believe the casino has much potential and Singapore and Thailand are their early stops.

Customer Support:

We reached out to the casino via live chat and are satisfied with the response time and proposed resolution. It is what you expect from an efficient online casino.

Other contact methods include WeChat, Telegram, and WhatsApp. We tested these channels, and found no reasons to rate the customer service poorly.

IVIP9 Customer Service

Live Chat: Yes

Others: WeChat, Telegram, and WhatsApp

Language: Chinese, Thai, English

Response Time: Immediate

IVIP9 Welcome Bonus Deals

You can get up to SGD300 for a welcome bonus in IVIP9. It’s not the highest amount we have ever seen, but it is still pretty decent. Note that the amount varies depending on your minimum deposit and the type of game.

The welcome bonus is usable in live casino games, slots, and sports betting. The turnover range is between 12x - 35x, which we think is reasonable to expect. Games with higher bonuses have a higher turnover rate to prevent exploitation. 

The welcome bonus is a one-time-only special. Be sure to claim it when you create a new account.

Other Top Online IVIP9 Promotions

IVIP9 might struggle to differentiate itself from competitors regarding games. However, they did splendidly with bonuses and promotions. 

The selections are impressive and on par with AW8, which we hold in high regard for the fantastic bonuses. 

You can expect to find bonuses such as referral and attendance bonuses. If you are a frequent player, you can also benefit from a rescue bonus that compensates your losses.

We also like its weekly and monthly deposit bonus that rewards the players with extra credit if we hit the minimum amount. For a frequent player, these bonuses are highly beneficial for a bigger bankroll.

IVIP9 surpasses AW8 a fair bit with free spin bonuses. If you succeed in making 5 minimum deposits, you are eligible to claim 1 free spin. This type of bonus is incredibly rare; we think players appreciate it as much as we do.

What are other bonuses available at IVIP9?

  • Attendance bonus
  • Midnight bonus
  • Telegram bonus
  • EPL monthly cashback

IVIP9 Casino Games Selection

IVIP9 provides an appropriate mix of games to entertain the players. We find the selections to be acceptable. Don’t get us wrong - they are not deficient in any way at all. However, we cannot shake off the feeling that they look too familiar.

When casinos share the software developers, overlapping identical games is unavoidable. IVIP9 is not immune to this phenomenon, and veteran players may quickly spot the problem as we do.

Online Slots

There is certainly no shortage of slots in IVIP9. Thanks to the ten developers' partnership, the number of games is never an issue.

The casino proudly advertises progressive jackpot as the main pull factor for the slots. If you want to win a massive amount of money, IVIP9 is your best bet.

We appreciate the neat design of the website, where the games are assorted according to their types and developers. Ease of use is improved, and convenience in locating games is greatly enhanced.

Recommended games below: 

7 Dragons
Golden West
Hot Smash
Get 300% Welcome Bonus
Claim up to SGD300 for new players only
Deposit options

Bank transfer
Play Now

E-sports Betting

E-sports has a dedicated section of its own in IVIP9. Although the game is often dismissed as a pale imitation of sports betting, we believe it is a dark horse in online gambling.

When the market sees more entry of younger players, they are more familiar with video games than competitive sports worldwide. 

IVIP9 takes advantage on changing trends with playable games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, PUBG, and more. These games are popular among the younger generations in Singapore. 

Our team enjoys testing the e-sports betting games, and based on what we experienced, IVIP9 has excellent potential to be known for a good selection of games.

Recommended e-sports betting games at IVIP9:

League of Legends
Baccarat Super 6

3D Games

Not many casinos offer 3D games, and IVIP9 is a pioneer in its way to drive the trend.

3D games are inspired by slots but with live casino games as the gameplay mechanic. In other words, the games centered on most table games but no real dealers. 

Instead, the gameplay from start to finish is digitalized. Articifial Intelligence (AI) determine how the game is played out. 

Like most 3D games, it is not the complete substitute for live casino games. We played selected ones such as Xoc Dia, Tai Xiu, and Keno in our review. 

The performance was satisfactory, and it is acceptable if the live casino games are unavailable for whatever reason.

If the players enjoy fishing and slots, they will enjoy this game too.

Recommended 3D games at JACK998:

Thai Hi Lo
Sic Bo
Classic Fan Tan
Xoc Dia

IVIP9 Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

You may choose from two methods for transactions on IVIP9.

Deposit Methods

Banking transfer

Deposit: SGD20-30,000

Average time: 10 mins

Online: Direct transfer to the casino


Deposit: SGD1

Average time: 10 mins

Accept Tether only

Currency value fluctuates

How To Sign Up at IVIP9?

Registration of a budget can be done on the desktop site and smartphone. Be sure to have an active banking account because it is mandatory for registration approval.

Visit IVIP9
Go to and click ‘Register’
Create The Account
Click ‘Register’ and enter your information, user name, password, and email account.
Claim The Bonus
Review the account registration and claim the 300% welcome bonus.
Play and Have Fun
Start playing, and good luck! Don’t forget to claim other bonuses if you have become a regular player.

Honest Review of IVIP9

There is room for improvement for the casino because we believe the casino has unexplored potential. 

We can see the casino is trying to be on par with other casinos with the catalogue of games. 

However, the problem arises when there is an overwhelming sense of familiarity. When the games appear too familiar, it lacks the justification for the players to stay and play.

The bonuses in IVIP9 are good, but others have done it better too. It is not convincing enough to turn casual visitors into loyal players. 

There are shining moments of IVIP9 with its fishing and e-sports games. The casino could capitalize on these lesser-explored games and upsell these selling points.

Here is the final rundown of the casino:

What We Love

Friendly customer service

Above average bonuses

Good fishing and e-sports games

Smooth performance of mobile app

What We Don’t Love

Bonus amount could be higher

Lack of variety in games

Website design could be better

Verdict: IVIP9 is worth considering for selected games

IVIP9 is not bad in any way. However, we have seen other casinos with similar games that have done it bigger and better.

We praise the fishing and e-sports games because other competitors do not upsell these hidden gems enough. There is value in this casino, especially for younger players.

However, if your priorities are bonuses and table games, IVIP9 can satisfy your needs but don’t play with high expectations. 

The bonuses of IVIP9 need improvement because they appear wishy-washy to us.

Start Playing At JW8 and Win Real Money
Claim up to SGD300 welcome bonus
Deposit options

Credit/debit card
Play Now


Is IVIP9 safe?

Yes, IVIP9 is safe. We tested the payout system with different amounts up to SGD2000 and everything is in order.

How do payouts work at IVIP9?

You choose one of two options - bank transfer or cryptocurrency. Enter the amount for withdrawal and track the progress on your account page.

What is the welcome bonus of IVIP9?

IVIP9 offers a 300% welcome bonus for slots, sports betting, and live casino games. You may claim up to SGD300 with varying turnover requirements.

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