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Best Live Baccarat Online Singapore in 2022

There as so many baccarat sites in Singapore today. Each promises the best games and the best wins. Not all are trustworthy, though.

The best live baccarat site comes with more than just the best games. It needs to have the widest selection set in the most attractive features.

AW8 is an excellent example of a good site for baccarat. Gamers can enjoy any baccarat free game from the comfort of their homes. 

Simply download the baccarat app on your phone, use the mobile browser, and you set.

Customer care services on such a site will keep you playing with joy. They create a convenient environment where you will get everything you need to enjoy such games.

Top 10 Online Baccarat Singapore 2022

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What Is Baccarat?

It’s amusing that most people who play baccarat don’t know what it is. They just enter a casino and play any game they find with the hope of winning.

So, what is baccarat?

It is a card game. The player gets 2 to 3 cards, and the winning hand has the highest score.
This game is purely based on chance. 

There is no particular strategy you can use to beat the machine. But that does not mean you don’t need to know baccarat rules. It should be the first thing you learn.

Baccarat is traditionally a high roller game. However, different versions of the game have emerged to cater to other players. 

Examples include Thai baccarat and Sexy baccarat. Any gamer can play these games.

Online baccarat is based on the internet instead of traditional casinos. It has largely contributed to the rise of online casinos. Nevertheless, the rules remain the same.

Famous Variations of Online Baccarat Singapore

Online baccarat promises the most fan. You don’t need to visit any special place to enjoy the games. Besides, it has the most comprehensive collection of variations.

Here are the famous offers:

1. Baccarat Squeeze

Most online baccarat casinos will have this variation. That shows just how popular the game is. Baccarat squeeze by Evolution Gaming is a game everyone would love to play.

This live baccarat uses a wide range of camera angles and squeezing of cards for more excitement. 

Ideally, the cards are squeezed before they are shown to the player. The more than 15 cameras capture all the action for you.

2. Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat is another great offer from Evolution Gaming. This game is played using classic 52 cards. The values depend on the cards and how players adhere to the rules during the game.

Aces carry the value of 1. Numbers 1 to 9 have the value based on their pips. The 10s and faces don’t have any value. This game is personalized to meet the needs of different players.

3. No Commission Baccarat

No Commission Baccarat is another unique game taking Asia by storm. The name given to this game is perhaps puffery. This is because the house still ends up with a commission. 

Nevertheless, it’s a game worth trying. The main difference with other baccarat is how the house pays or collects a commission. 

Usually, the dealer receives a 5% commission for every house-winning bet. It does not do so in No Commission. This can happen only if the house wins any of value 6.

Advantages of Playing Live Baccarat Singapore

Playing a baccarat card game promises a lot of advantages. The fact that you are playing from the comfort of your house is already a bonus.

Apart from that, there are other advantages:

Adv #1: Great Convenience

Imagine the struggle of leaving your home for a classic baccarat casino. You will need to complete the house chores, get dressed and struggle through traffic to get there.

With live dealer baccarat, you never have to worry about that. Play from anywhere at any time. It does not even matter what you are wearing.

Adv #2: Deal With Real Human

Now, this is where the real magic happens in live baccarat. It brings the real casino environment to your hands. 

Players interact directly with the banker and the dealer as the action unfolds on their baccarat table.

If you have any questions during the game, feel free to reach out to the team. You will find a friendly and professional team ready to help 24/7. And you don’t even have to be a VIP.

Adv #3: Choose Your Dealer

Live baccarat features beautiful men and women, well dressed to cheer you along. Better still, you can handpick the ones you wish to work with.

These are features you can never get from a real casino. Premier live casinos let you even choose ethnicity and race; they have people from all over the world. 

Playing baccarat has never been more interesting.

Adv #4: You Have Time to Change Your Game

Increase your baccarat odds by easily switching to another game. This feature brings us back to the issue of convenience.

Real casinos are often too congested; you will never find time to do more. But that is never an issue with online casinos. 

You have a whole table to yourself. Take time to find the games and change whenever it is convenient.

How to Play Live Baccarat Online Singapore?

The instructions for playing live baccarat are similar to any other version of the game. Baccarat is played using 8 decks of 52 cards.

Your objective is to predict and bet on two hands that will end up with a sum close to 9. If both hands end in the exact total, you have a tie.

Players set their bets before a baccarat game starts.

Here are the simple steps for playing live baccarat:

Step 1: Find the right casino and register.
Step 2: Pick a table. A good table is crucial when learning how to win baccarat for beginners.
Step 3: Place your bet.
Step 4: Wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. Click on “Spin” to initiate this action.
Step 5: Check the outcome. The winning number is where the ball settles.
Step 6: Collect. If you win, claim your reward. If you lost, try again.

Play Live Dealer Baccarat Online for Real Money

Part of your baccarat betting strategy should be finding the right live casino. In a world where there are so many options, this can be a bit tricky.

Don’t worry, though. We have got your back. Here, you will find the most attractive atmosphere for live baccarat and win real money.

It’s pretty easy. Simply create an account, choose a table and start winning. Besides, we have shared some tips on increasing your chances of winning.

Useful Tips to Win Online Baccarat Singapore

Online baccarat is purely a game of chance. That means no particular baccarat strategy works better than the other.

However, you have more chances of winning if you know the game well. Consider the following tips:

Tips 1: Understand the Game

Before anything, learn how to play baccarat. It’s crucial to know the rules of the game and understand how it unfolds.

A beginner is better off starting at the beginner’s level of the game. They can then learn all the tricks and tips that make the game.

Tips 2: Check How You Place Your Bets

Understanding how to win in baccarat starts with understanding the best. It’s not enough to simply know baccarat rules Singapore. Go the extra mile and learn to bet.

The size of your bet depends on your bankroll. And, you should not bet on any just any hand. Smaller bets allow you to play longer.

Tips 3: What Are the Odds?

When you join a new casino, always check out what odds they offer. This point seems obvious, but it’s something many people don’t consider.

The banker deducts a 5% commission on the winning. Some casinos charge up to 25%. You should be aware of these figures because they will affect how much you get.

Stick to Your Strategy Till the End

Again baccarat depends on luck more than strategy. Some players change their approaches in the middle of a game. This is a bad idea.

It’s better to walk away than to try chasing your losses. You might end up losing a lot more. Finish a game with one strategy, then change when you start a new one.


a. How do you play baccarat live casino?

Playing baccarat in a live casino is like playing it anywhere else. Start by picking the right casino, place your bet, click “Spin,” and wait for the results.

b. How does online baccarat work?

Yes. Online baccarat is quite impressive. It is the most convenient approach to the game.

c. Is online live baccarat rigged?

Not really. The game uses random number generators, which makes it completely random.

d. Is there any skill in baccarat?

As much as it’s a game to chance, some skill is needed to win.

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