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A Beginner's Guide To Football Betting Singapore 2022

Football Betting is undoubtedly the most popular sport to bet on in the singapore, with bettors spending 40% of all money placed on the beautiful game.

As a result, it is critical that you, the punter, understand all of the main characteristics of the football markets.

The large number of matches has aided the industry's growth, allowing bettors to play on a wide range of markets, with many betting companies providing unique promotions and attractive football betting odds.

Here, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about football betting free tips so you can cut through the clutter.

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A bookmaker sets the football bet odds, which indicate the ratio between the stake and the winnings on a specific event if you choose to bet on it. 

They are normally displayed as fractions (for example, 2/1), but they may also be shown as decimals (2.00), and you can choose whether you like. 

For example, if the result of an event has odds of 2/1 (or 2.00), that indicates that for every £1 you wager, you will earn £2.

Football Betting Tips To Win In Singapore

  • Follow football predictions made by experts.
  • With matched betting, you may make money.
  • Keep track of your bets.
  • Switch bookmakers.
  • Maintain your objectivity.
  • Know all there is to know about football.
  • Know your markets inside and out.
  • Take pleasure in the tiny victories.

Football Betting Rules And Predictions

Apendix A1

  • Win by the Home Team
  • Draw between the Home Team and the Away Team
  • Win by the Away Team

Appendix A2 - Pick the Score (PTS)/Fulltime PTS

Based on a list of possible Fulltime Score outcomes with Home Team wins, Away Team wins, Draws and an Any Other Score (AOS) selection.

Appendix A3 - Team to Score 1st Goal

The Team scoring the first Valid Goal in the Match during Regulation Time.

In the event no Valid Goals are scored in the Match during Regulation Time, the Result shall be "No 1st Goal".

Appendix A4 - Team to Score Last

The team scoring the last Valid Goal of the Match during Regulation Time.

In the event no Valid Goals are scored in the Match during Regulation Time, the Result shall be "No Goal".

Appendix A5 - Total Goals Over/Under

  • Over X
  • Under X

where "X" is a number to be determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion, as the goal line for the total number of Valid Goals to be scored by both teams in the Match during Regulation Time. 

Over X and Under X refer to selections of whether there will be more or fewer goals scored than the indicated goal line respectively. 

The value of "X" may be adjusted by the Company as and when it deems necessary.

Appendix A6 - Total Goals Odd/Even

The Result shall be "Odd" if the total number of Valid Goals scored, based on the Full Time Score, is an odd number.

The Result shall be "Even" if the total number of Valid Goals scored, based on the Full Time Score, is an even number.

If the total number of Valid Goals scored, based on the Full Time Score, is zero, then "even" is considered the winning selection.

Appendix A7- Handicap 1X2

Home Team with positive/negative handicap X.

Draw with positive/negative handicap X (handicap for Draw is in relation to the Home Team)

Away Team with positive/negative handicap X, where "X" is a number to be determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion, as the handicap line(s) applicable to the total number of goals scored by a particular team based on the Full Time Score. 

The value of "X" may be adjusted by the Company as and when it deems necessary.

Appendix A8 - Championship Winner

Selected by the Company from teams participating in the Championship.

The winner of the Championship

Singapore Pools Account Opening & Operating Terms and Conditions

After registering and activating an Account with the Company to facilitate the placement of football bets online through remote communications, the Account Holder may engage in betting transactions with the Company utilising the Account Betting System.

The Account Holder indicates and warrants that he or she has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions governing the creation and operation of the Account, as set forth herein and as amended by the Company from time to time.

Any modifications to the Account Holder's account will be communicated to them via a link on the Company's website. 

It is the Account Holder's responsibility to keep track of any modifications to these Terms and Conditions on the Company's website.

The Account Holder understands and accepts that, in addition to these Terms and Conditions, the use of the Account is governed by the Company's relevant Game Rules for the numerous Games it offers.

The Company's scheme, as well as the Rules and Regulations governing betting; and all other applicable laws, regulations, and terms and conditions relating to the use of the Account.

Make a football betting prediction for your preferred Bet Type/Market.

Check the football betting odds for your pick before placing your wager.

- You win if your guess is right.

Every option has its own set of odds. The rewards for each dollar staked on that pick are calculated using odds.

- Football betting Odds to start.

The odds provided at the commencement of a sale are known as opening odds. As the betting and the Match/Event proceed, the odds may alter.

When making a wager, always sure to check the most recent odds. Your earnings are determined by the current odds at the moment you made your wager.

- Multiples

A Multiples bet combines two or more picks, all of which must be correct in order for the bet to win.

Type of Gambling for Football Betting

The number of options available:

The total number of matches/events is Double

  • 2 2 sTreble
  • 3 3 s4-fold
  • 4 4

You win the total of all odds doubled if all of your picks are correct.

How to Bet At Our Locations?

  • With a Singapore Pools Account
  • Over the Phone or Online

When Should You Bet and increase your chance at football bet? You may make pre-match bets as soon as odds become available until sales end, as well as live bets during the event, with an account.

You may make pre-match bets without an account as soon as odds are available, up until sales close or before our stores shut, whichever comes first. You may also place live bets at our Livewire outlets.

We have the right to refuse all or part of any bet request due to the nature of the game.

Abandonment Of A Match Or Event

When a planned Match/Event fails to be completed, that is, when it either does not start or does not finish within the allotted time, it is referred to as abandonment.

Wait for announcements on our website or notifications posted at outlets if this occurs.

Singapore Pools will make a judgement on the status of all bets within 36 hours, depending on whether the Match/Event organiser chooses to rerun the contest/event immediately, postpone or cancel the match.

1. Let's start with the handicap. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Chinese made betting quite simple: eat ball or give ball.

Take a look at the marketplace. A humorous market might be highly educational.

For example, 1.90 is half a ball. 1.65 to 1.75 should be used instead of 0.75.
Half ball win 8 is a difficult game. -1.80, 1.25, and 0.75 are also quite risky since you may believe you will win or lose half of your bet. 

The majority of the time, you will lose everything. Holland was 0.75 yesterday.
Of course, eating the ball and playing over is one technique to cover. 

This one, though, generally finishes in a tie. You win one and lose the other, resulting in a loss of water money - the percentages are how the bookmakers earn their money. But if you do this, the only outcome you'll get is a 2-0 loss.

2. A thrashing is a score of 2-0.

In terms of betting, any win by two goals is a thrashing 95% of the time. Because marketplaces with more than two balls are uncommon. 

Unless it's a giant vs. pariah match, most teams will grant a maximum of 1.5 or 1.75.

But keep in mind that 2-0 is a relatively comfortable score. There's no incentive to score more now that you've taken the lead and have a second to end the game. 

Particularly in a tournament when you must play 6-7 games in a short period of time after a lengthy season.

3. The most typical result is 2-1.

In the past, this was really true. As a result, going above 2,5 was the way to go. Football, on the other hand, has evolved significantly during the 1990s. Teams do not attack in the same way they used to.

So although playing over 2.5 seems to be extremely enticing, I believe it is now preferable to eat the 2.5 at the start and then throw back over 2 or 1.5 as the game progresses.

The key to going over 2.5 goals is to think about whether the inferior team can score. Today's matchups are Croatia vs. Spain and France vs. Switzerland. 

Do you believe any of them has a chance to score? Because, as previously stated, the favourites have no incentive to score a third goal when the score is 2-0 and they can simply end the game.

4. There are also differences in the way teams are organised.

The new 4-3-2-1 styles 4-2-3-1, 5-3-2 is not the same as 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 in the past.
Those two are enticing to assault. 

Defense or possession are encouraged in the new ones. Teams with a lone striker are seldom able to defeat opponents of a particular calibre.

5. Possession and assault are meaningless if no end result is produced

It's what I call sideways football, and England is known for it. Spain, as well. There is much too much passing. When a team is attacking, the goalie of the opposing side must be on the job.

That's not attacking if all he has to do is make basic saves, handle crosses, and long shots. As a result, goal shots might be deceptive. 

A shot or goal attempt that barely misses the target is officially a shot off goal, but a tame header is considered a shot on goal. The former posed a greater threat than the latter.

So if you see a side attacking or possessing the ball but the goalie isn't working and there aren't any real serious chances, it's meaningless.

6. Because of the new focus on possession, defending is much simpler today.

It's also not aggressive football if the opponents' defenders aren't forced to defend in their box, if they aren't working as hard as they can.

7. Not all games are kelong.

However, there are several suggestions to assist you in spotting them. 

If goalie A has a shot right at him that he might stop cleanly but instead decides to deflect, punch, or otherwise divert into the path of another attacker, that should raise red flags.

You may be able to ignore it once or twice during a match, but what if it occurs many times? 

The same goes for defenders who can clear the ball cleanly yet seem to make a mistake. Observe. This Euro is not clearly visible, despite the fact that I spotted it in Russia's, Slovakia's, and Ukraine's.

When Ukraine came back from a 2-0 deficit, I warned a buddy that there would be a fifth goal since their goalkeeper and defenders were all over the place instead of protecting the draw. These kinds of things may be seen in a lot of games in the Copa.

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