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Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are trendy in most online casinos. It’s easy to understand why because winning the jackpot could be a golden ticket to every imaginable dreams. The prize pool grows with each spin until a lucky player hits the jackpot and takes home the money.

This page examines the best progressive jackpot slots and the online casinos which offer these selected highlights. We will explain the multitude of games and guide your way to victory with fewer spins (hopefully).

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Best Progressive Slots Online Singapore

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are games in which a portion of wagers contribute to the growing pool of the jackpot. Every successive loss contributes to the ever increasing sum. When someone scores the grand prize, the money will return to the initial sum before the process starts. 

A higher house edge is observed in progressive slots than in the average fixed jackpot games. As a result, the chances of winning is slim. However, this reality does not deter players from trying despite the lower RTP.

The jackpot win could be a life-changing experience that makes every attempt worthwhile.

Types Of Progressive Slots

There are multiple types of slots which the player may encounter in most casinos. The summary below shows what the user can expect from the common varieties:

Basic Progressives

This prize is your most basic form of the progressive jackpot. Every fraction of the bet from unsuccessful spins contributes to the accumulating sum.

Random Progressive

You do not have to win to score the prize money. The win can occur anytime throughout the gameplay. It doesn’t matter if you are on a winning or losing streak. 

The downside is that the payout amount is smaller than other prize pools.

Multi-level Progressive

A single slot game may come with multiple jackpots up for grabs. A 5-level mini-game work in tiers of Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi, and Grand prizes.

Linked Progressive

The games have linked jackpots to accelerate the growth of jackpots. Multiple games can be tied simultaneously at different casinos.

Local Progressive

Several games are linked inside a single casino. The same developer often makes the games.

Wide Area Progressive

This type links together several slots from different casinos. This technique can be employed if a developer's games are employed in many online casinos.

How Do Progressive Jackpots Works?

Why Play Online Slots?

Online slots offer the same engagement as physical slots at your home's comfort. Forget commuting to the casino because you can now play the game anytime, anywhere.

You now possess better control over the game instead of letting the casino tell you what to do only.


The cozy environment of your home always beats the crowded physical casinos. The long queues are also a big turnoff for players eager to play. Online slots circumvent this problem by allowing you to play in your comfort zone. 

The slots are also playable on your smartphones. Thus, you can continue playing while away from your desktop. The games are fully optimized for mobile gameplay, delivering a smooth performance - almost like you are playing a video game.

Attractive Bonuses

The physical casinos may only offer meager bonuses, and that even comes with strict rules. On the other hand, online casinos provide slots-related bonuses throughout the year. The rules are generally user-friendly, which makes fulfillment achievable.

Extra money in your account generated by bonuses is always preferable because it expands a modest budget for more chances to spin. A game of chance, like online slots, requires repetitive attempts to score the jackpot.

Bonuses allow you to spin more but at no additional cost out of your own pocket. 

24/7 Availability

Playing at casinos is never stressful because you can play at your own pace. The 24-hour operating hours of online casinos mean you can play anytime you like. There is no pressure to stop playing when you are on a winning streak.

Online slots for Singaporeans with odd working hours or night owls are great because you can play whenever you want. Even past midnight hours, you can continue playing until the morning on a lazy Friday night; 

Top Software Providers With Online Progressive Slots

Creating progressive slots is no easy feat. Thus, it takes the best online casino software providers to make them. Every casino works with different developers, although the catalog could have overlapping similarities. You can register for an account and look around before you start playing to decide which you like best.


Nextspin has an impressive array of progressive slots for Singaporean players. Due to the high number of games, the jackpot accumulates at a faster pace. This rate is assisted by the large number of games linked across many real money online casinos. 

Some top games include Candy Bonanza, Fortune Toad, Hot Smash, and Twinkle Ice.

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Spadegaming is known for its Asian-inspired slots that exude a distinctive style. The graphics also stand out with 3D animations to bring the games to life. This developer collaborates with most of big online casinos in Southeast Asia because the game resembles the players’ cultural identities.

Some top games include Kung Fu Dragon, Hugon Quest, Fiery Sevens, and Fiery Sevens.

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Win Today with Big Payout of Progressive Jackpot Slots

There are plenty of options if you want to make it big in progressive slots. With prizes amounting to millions of Singaporean dollars, you can buy your dream house and go for an expensive holiday.

When you are ready to play slots online for real money, you can visit any casinos we reviewed here and test your luck. In addition to the attractive jackpots, you can utilize the welcome offers and other unique promotions.

Progressive Slots FAQ

Below you can find some of the common questions asked by the players about progressive slots.

Progressive slots work by creating jackpots drawn from the small portions all bets. When the player makes an unsuccessful bet, the slot gets to keep some player’s money to gather money for the jackpot payout. The prize money will continue to accumulate until there is a payout.
Yes, there are progressive slots in online casinos in Singapore. Some affiliated casinos have linked the casinos together, and others may have random pots. Every casino operator has a different take on this. However, they usually put a large display of jackpot prizes on the homepage to entice the players.
There is no sure-win method to win. You just play and hopefully get lucky. The outcome of every spin is entirely random. Therefore, you cannot anticipate when you will succeed. However, most players may play until the jackpot reaches a tipping point, assuming that a payout is imminent sooner or later.
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