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Are gambling legal in Singapore?

Gambling or casinos has been around for as long as most people can remember. 

Each casino game has its own exquisite background that would definitely interest you as a casino player. 

The history of a casino itself came about a little differently than a casino game. The appearance of a landed casino is largely connected to the appearance of the first slot machine. 

The first slot machine was found in the late 1800s. During that time, machine slots was a large crowd attraction and players will be able to find slots everywhere on the side of a road.

Are gambling legal in Singapore?

The bloom of this slot machine brought in many other casino games that were scattered around the world. 

During the early 1900s, a man decided that it would be best to have all these interesting games in one place and casino games around the world were very famous for bringing people together. 

That’s how these casino games made it to the first landed casino in the world. The warm welcome of the first casino made the debut of more landed casinos around the world. 

Online casinos, on the other hand, made a grand debut in the mid-1990s and it instantly placed a big part in many peoples hearts.

All these landed and online casinos gave birth to many different gambling laws around the world. 

While there are many online casinos around the world, there are also many famous landed casinos, particularly in Asia that many players are not aware of. 

For example, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau have beautiful casinos that are worth your time and visit. 

However, it is important for you to learn the gambling laws in each country you are going to make sure that you know your rights as a player. 

Today, we are going to inform you more about the gambling law in Singapore.

What is Gambling?

What is Gambling?

So what exactly is gambling and what constitutes under this term that many people know. 

Under the RGA (Remote Gambling Act), the term “gambling” is used to defined betting, gaming and participation in the lottery. 

Betting” is also defined as wagering or betting an amount of money on the outcome of a certain sports event. For example, the horse-racing, esports and any other gaming events.

Under the CGHA (Common Gaming Houses Act) which is the gaming act law refers to “gaming” in this term as any game that involves an element of chance/luck or is the mixed chance and skills that players can use to gamin money or rewards from others. 

Games that don’t involve any money do not fall under this category. For example, a simple card game with friends (with no money involved) will not fall under this category.

As for “lottery”, it is regulated by the CGHA. All public lotteries which are also known as public lotteries or when a class of people has access to it falls under this category. 

A “general lottery” on the other hand is defined as any game, competition or scheme where money or something a money’s worth is distributed in a manner or by chance, not taking into account if the lottery is held or distributed within or outside Singapore.

Singapore Public Gambling

A “common gaming house” or gaming place includes any place or buildings that are kept or used for gaming purposes and public lottery, whether or not the public has access to it. 

So whether the gambling act here legal or illegal depends entirely on if the gambling venue is kept as a common gaming house or just as a place used for gaming.

While the term “Private gambling” has no provided explanation from the CGHA. Private gambling is known as a gambling place to which the public, in general, may not have access to. 

This offence is only in place when such gambling is kept specifically for purposed habitual gambling as a common gambling house

Those who are found guilty of gambling in a common gaming house will be up to a fine of $5,000, or an imprisonment term of up to 6 months or both if convicted.

Gambling in public means that it’s any place that the public may or may not have access to and this includes any place that has 10 or more people employed. 

It is illegal to gamble in any public place. For example, if a birthday ceremony is held in a place where the general public has an access to it, then gambling there is illegal.

However, if the birthday ceremony is held in a private place (e.g. rented areas) where the public has no access to, then gambling there may or may not be illegal as it is not constituted in the “common gaming house”.

You would have to be at least 18 years old and above to legally gamble in Singapore. 

You would need to be 18 and above to buy a 4D or TOTO ticket or to place horse racing bets from the Singapore pool. 

To open an account under them, however, you would need to be 21 years old and above.

Singapore Online Gambling Law

Singapore Online Gambling Law

Under the RGA, “online gambling” or the “remote gambling” is a gambling process where players join in through remote communication. Also known as the digital gambling. 

These digital/remote gambling includes communication through telephone, the internet, television, radio and even other electronic devices or technologies.

The RGA states that anyone that gambles through “remote communication” and uses “remote gambling” will be guilty of their offences. 

This does matter if the gambling was done by an individual directly or indirectly.

Are Online Casinos/Gambling In Singapore legal?

Are gambling legal in Singapore? Online gambling is legal in Singapore if it is done through an exempt operator. As of now, only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been granted with the certificate to exempt them under the RGA.

A few other trusted online casinos in Singapore may have been granted with the certificates of exemption as well.

When in doubt on which is the most trusted online casino in Singapore, it would be best if you would collect more information online or from the online casinos themselves.

Under section 13 of the RGA, it is a big offence to permit, invite or cause for a person under the age of 21 years old to gamble online in Singapore. 

This includes the action of sending a person under the age of 21 an invitation about any gambling services or purposely highlighting any information that consists of information on gambling. 

Those found guilty under this offence will be held liable and made to pay a fine amount of at least $20,000 up to $300,000 or an imprisonment term of up to 6 years if indicted. 

This is unless you could provide a prove that person has provided proofs that made you believe that he is of the age 21 years old and above.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, gambling is not a bad thing but it has to be done responsibly and with the right person. 

To make sure that you gamble properly, it is best if you gamble in private with few trusted friends. 

Placing small bets is also a great way and bet with only the exempted betting operators. If you want to gamble, gamble in the right place and make sure you do it responsibly.

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