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Definite Guide To Rewards Of Cashback Casino

Definite Guide To Rewards Of Cashback Casino

The competition in the online gambling industry is fierce, and cashback casino is conceived to overcome the stalemate. 

They are more than marketing gimmicks, because having less or more cashback casino offer can determine the success of the platforms. 

No less vibrant than the variety of casino games, they make great incentives for the players.

What Are Online Casinos Cashback Bonuses?

What Are Online Casinos Cashback Bonuses?

Casino cashback is a form of incentives offered to the players. It provides real money to the players in return for fulfilling certain criterias. 

In a land-based casino, the incentives are offered in the form of VIP service, points redemption, and others. On the other hand, virtual casino provide cashback casino online which are less tangible but equally rewarding.

While it may seemed like the casino is giving away free money, it is necessary to compete in the industry. Cashback casino offer is also extended to registered players only. 

This is to encourage more registration and build a greater customer base. The privilege is not extended to unregistered customers because there is no absolute guarantee they will come back.

Cashback Bonuses and Other Types of Bonuses

Cashback is provided upon sign ups, special occasions, and dependent actions. The best casino with cashback will offer the best rate of cashback with attractive varieties. 

These cashback types below are generally offered by all establishments:

1. Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus is the most basic type of bonus. What the players will get out of welcome bonus will create the first impression of the online casino. It is offered to the players who registered for the first time only. 

In addition, they also need to be wagered for a certain amount of time before withdrawal.

Deposit bonus: Reward provided when the player makes a real money deposit into the casino website. This means the player will receive a certain percentage of the amount as extra funds to bet.

The rate is typically between 100% - 150%, although it may also go up to 200%. If the player deposits X amount of money, the deposit bonus is Y. Subsequently, the updated account’s balance is X+Y.

Free spins: Offered to slot games. However, slot games are games of chance, hence the likelihood of winning is not high due to the big house edge.

Free play bonuses: Similar to free spins, but not limited to slot games. An amount of money will be credited to the account, but no withdrawal can occur unless some terms and conditions are fulfilled.

2. No deposit bonus

The opposite of a deposit bonus. The players will receive a bonus to their accounts irrespective of actual real money deposit. 

However, some terms and conditions will apply for this bonus to be activated.

3. VIP bonus

VIP programme is extended to regular customers who spend a large sum of money in the online casino. The bonuses in the programme are more special than regular bonuses. 

This includes expedited withdrawal, lower minimum bets, extra points accumulation, and others. Hence, this unique membership offers more perks to frequent players.

4. Rebate

The bonus will return to a player a set percentage based on their losses. It can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

It is not expected to cover all losses, but it can compensate for players’ unlucky bets, and helps to soothe the agony of losing.

5. Reload bonus

Offered to regular players. This is offered to provide extra money based on the amount of deposited money. 

The average rate is 30%-40% which is not expected to cover all of the deposit. This bonus acts more like a gift for players to encourage more gambling.

6. Others

These types of bonuses may be less frequently distributed, and it is dependent on the user's efforts plus selective instances.

  • Referral bonus: Earn bonus when someone signed for new account using your referral code
  • Affiliate program: Earn real money when you partnered with the online casino to promote their products and services
  • Birthday bonus: Receive one-time bonus in your birthday month on annual basis

Why Are Cashback Bonuses Offered?

Cashback is a method for the players to recover some losses from the casino. It symbolizes the goodwill from the online casino. 

All cashback casino are presented in different varieties to suit different needs, but they serve two purposes in general.

a. Customer acquisition

Welcome bonus, deposit, and no deposit bonus are essential to attract registration and encourage players to spend money. They serve as credit for the players to explore the games in the online casino. 

Having balance in the account permits them to wager freely without actually losing money from their own savings.

b. Customer Retention

VIP bonus, rebate, reload, and others help to engage with the customers and offer value for their patronages. Not all betting will result in victories, and these bonuses can soften the harsh blow. 

As a result, it helps to boost players’ morale and motivate them to visit the online casino again in the future.

How Cashback Bonuses Work?

Cashback bonuses will be activated when the player participates in the online casino. There is typically a fixed percentage match or amount match for the amount of money which the player spends in the casino.

A maximum amount of money which can be claimed from cashback bonuses is set by the online casinos. If the casino offers 20% cashback up to SGD100, then SGD100 is the maximum amount of cashback offer. 

The player needs to read the fine print and be aware of how cashback works. This is because each casino may employ a different approach on eligibility to score the cashback. 

However, the general rule of thumb is that no additional cashback will be awarded beyond the maximum amount no matter how frequently you play.

How To Claim Cashback Bonus?

How To Claim Cashback Bonus?

Cashback bonus is the greatest incentive available to the players. This is because the incentive is fully managed by the system and it requires no additional effort from the players (aside from depositing the money). 

In addition, the bonus is also applicable sitewide, and every registered player can use them.

Most cashback casino max is available throughout the year except timed bonuses such as rebate (daily, weekly, monthly) and birthday bonus. 

They also work like real money, and it permits withdrawal to the player’s savings account. This answered most players’ questions on how to withdraw money from cashback. 

It is not difficult to master how to withdraw from cashback because they are like winnings, but given to players for free.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to win money back from the casino should not be the priority of players. In contrast, the players should also pay attention to cashback casino

These incentives can help to make participation in games more worthwhile. Not every bet will result in a win, cashback can mitigate the losses for damage control. 

Most importantly, cashback creates extra money for the players for more chances to bet and win.


a. What casinos offer cash back?

These online casinos offer welcome bonus, deposit bonus, reload bonus, rebate, referral bonus, plus birthday bonus. 

  • AW8: Up to 150% for welcome bonus
  • IVIP9: 20% bonus for daily reload
  • UEA8ET: 1.5% for daily rebate, no cap limit

b. What is casino cashback?

Casino cashback is a form of incentive provided to the players. It provides real money in return for players’ participation in the online casino. 

There are certain criterias to fulfill such as,

  • Minimum deposit of certain amount upon new registration
  • Minimum amount of losses
  • Minimum amount of deposit for reload
  • Others

c. Do online casinos really pay out?

Yes. Legitimate online casinos will prioritize payouts above anything else. Disputes or delay in payout will mark the downfall of online casinos in a saturated market. 

However, the players are also advised to evaluate the legitimacy of online casinos - by reviewing how other players’ feedback on Trustpilot, social media accounts, etc.

d. Are cashback bonuses legal?

Cashback bonus in online casinos are not drastically different from the same counterparts seen in Shopee, e-commerce, and credit cards companies. They are legitimate in their own right with well-established rules on how they work. 

However, as the regulation of online casinos falls in the grey area, any disputes for cashback bonuses must be settled only by the players and casino operators.

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