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The Internet can be a minefield of online casino scams. The convincing facade of these scams creates a false sense of security that motivates the players to part ways with their money, thus becoming victims of these cons.

By identifying blacklisted online casinos, the players can avoid getting scammed; they will lose more than high hopes, as their savings are the primary targets. The good news is that there are ways to identify these culprits.

But how do you do it? It’s not easy and rather time-consuming to spot the red flags. A comprehensive guide is the way to go.

Here is a guide on how to spot blacklisted online casinos to help you play safely.

Defining A Blacklist Casino

What defines a blacklisted casino? Though casino operators may employ different tactics, the modus operandi is easily recognizable throughout the years. The goal of scamming money from victims remains the same. Our team carefully evaluates the casinos and highlights the warning signs.

1. Payment Issues

Two common payment issues are non-payment or delayed payment. The casino either takes forever to grant the payout, or withdrawal is never approved. The casino may define a fixed number of days for processing, but it takes longer. A strin g of excuses counters any inquiries. When a payout is finally issued, it’s a partial amount or a bounced cheque.

2. Rigged Games

Is it bad luck, or is the game rigged? Multiple playthroughs with zero wins are more than just the house always wins. It’s hard to tell if the games have been manipulated, but they are definitely rigged if repeated attempts remain unsuccessful. 

The casino could have tweaked the Random Number Generator (RNG) to make this happen. It’s also possible that they hacked into the software to change the configuration.

3. Misleading Bonuses & Promotions

The casino fails to fulfill its promises. Once the player has signed up, they may find that the casino does not honor the terms and conditions. The bonus rules may also aim to confuse the players. The standard scheme is to offer an attractive promotion, but its execution is pale in comparison to the marketing claims. For instance, the bonus rate could be far lower than the advertised amount.

4. Unreasonable Terms and Conditions

Some casinos may implement terms and conditions that are challenging to fulfill. The online casino may impose terms such as 50x or 100x rollover requirements. They could also cap your maximum prize money and prohibit selected games from being played for bonuses. The goal is to encourage the player to spend more money while making payout inconvenient for them.

5. Changing Terms

The Online Casino has the authority to change the terms as they please. The casino may adjust the terms freely to help them win an argument. They have become the sole judge of conflicts, and they will always win. Consequently, the player will face great injustice because they will never be in the right.

List of Blacklisted Casinos

The list of blacklisted casinos below shows notorious casino operators to avoid.

Blacklisted Casino

Reported Problems

1x2 gaming False advertising
21 Dukes Payment problems
50 Stars Long payout times, software issues
African Palace Casino Long payout times, excessive wagering requirements, questionable withdrawal practices
Aladdins Gold Casino Payment problems, rigged games, payout problems, unethical practices with affiliates
All Star Slots Rigged games, payout problems, unethical practices with affiliates
Babe Casino Unresponsive customer service, long payout times, unreliable software
Bella Vegas Spams players, long payout times, corrupt practices with affiliates
Bet The Dealer Payment problems
Betworld Casino Previously operated without a valid license
Black Diamond Casino Long payout times, unreliable software, rigged games
Blu Casino Payment problems
Casino Del Rio Questionable business practices
Carnival Casino Questionable business practices
Casino Tropez Payment problems
Casino Extreme Questionable business practices
Casino-X Payment problems
Casino States False advertising
Casino Fiz Questionable business practices
Lady Dream Rigged games
Prestige Casino False advertising

Choosing The Right Casino

It’s difficult to identify trustworthy online casinos. The cleverest scams may fool even the most experienced player. To know how to choose a legit online casino, the player should look for these sure signs.

- Good Reviews

Good feedback about a casino from other players is always a good sign. This indicates that they have interacted with the casino and had a positive experience. If the casino has amassed many positive reviews, you can trust its services. However, if there are overwhelmingly negative reviews, it’s best to avoid it.

- Licensing By Governing Bodies

Not all casinos can attain licensing from a governing body. It requires the casino to abide by specific regulations and prove its authenticity. Licenses are essentially a seal of approval from authoritative third parties. If there are no licenses, the quality of services is up for debate.

- Clear Bonus and Wagering Requirements

Honest casinos will state all terms and conditions clearly in black and white. This avoids the grey area of promotions as the player may misinterpret the requirements. In addition, the trusted online casinos would also impose fair and acceptable conditions. They should enable the player to fulfill the requirements within a reasonable timeframe and effort.

- Notable Software Vendors Partnership

Software vendors are responsible for building games in an online casino. The indication of partnership proves that the casino follows the industry standards. This also means that the experts produce the games. Software manipulation and hacking to change the outcome of winnings are not possible as the vendors oversee the operations.

- Safe and Secure Payment Channels

The players must store their banking account details in the Online Casinos, which can be worrying. Some channels also support alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency and e-wallet. However, how safe is your banking information with them?

The player should ensure the casino operates on a legitimate domain, with a secure version of HTTP known as HTTPS. SSL data encryption is the gold standard for secure online payment. Be sure to investigate the data encryption method of the casino.


a. What is a blacklisted casino?

A blacklisted casino is an online gambling website that is found not trustworthy in providing services for the consumers. This is caused by several reasons such as delayed payout, withholding payment, deceptive advertising, and more. Players should avoid these casinos.

b. Why should I avoid blacklisted casinos?

The blacklisted casinos will not give you a good gambling experience. They provide subpar services that are not worth your time and money. Additionally, players may lose more money, as there is no accountability.

c. Can I get my money back?

It’s possible, but the process is not easy. The player may contact the customer service team for assistance. If that fails, the player may reach out to the local regulatory body to file a complaint.

d. How do I identify untrustworthy sites?

The player may survey the casino forums and social media for feedback. It can help to ascertain a casino’s reputation. In addition, the player may also check if there are official licenses to certify its operations. If the bonuses and promotions are too good to be true, they could be scams.

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